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7 Sessions You Just Can't Miss at Velocity New York

Velocity New York is coming up in a few weeks, making New York, NY the place to be from September 20-22, for anyone interested in performance, DevOps and Web Operations.


If you’re interested in learning about optimizing your web ops, engaging with industry leaders and mastering new best practices, this conference is the place for you.


Since there is so much going on, we rounded up the sessions we are looking forward to the most. We chose these sessions because they provide an overview of optimizing systems for the changing global needs, while also taking into consideration the needs of the people using the systems.


We will also be there and we’ll be thrilled to meet you. More details below.


Velocity New York 2016


Here are our top 7 recommended sessions at Velocity New York 2016:


1. Continuous deployment to millions of users 40 times a day


Michael Gorven, a production engineer from Facebook who works on Instagram, will explain how Instagram automatically tests and deploys committed codes changes to thousands of web servers in less than 10 minutes. We’re especially interested the key principles Instagram adopted, enabling this to work.


2. Drowning in data, thirsting for insight: how IT leaders can break out of the loop


Mehdi Daoudi, founder and CEO of Catchpoint, will speak about performance data analytics. We look forward to hearing his vision about how these analytics are expected to change the role of IT ops.


3. Women's empowerment through bicycles. . . or code


Casey Ashenherst, People Ops manager at Stack Overflow, will talk about creating and supporting inclusive places as a means for including women and people of color in the tech community. We’re especially looking forward to learning about the connection of women’s communities inside and outside of the tech industry.


4. Principles of globally distributed systems


Tyler McMullen, CTO of Fastly, will review different approaches to designing globally distributed systems, as a way of answering developers’ needs. We are interested in hearing his examples and lessons from real-world implementations.


5. Operational excellence with Netflix Hystrix


Billy Yuen, principal engineer at Intuit, will speak about using Netflix Hystrix as a way to monitor dependencies’ health and production issues. We are especially looking forward to learning how Netflix applies Hystrix to existing applications and implements DevOps monitoring with Hystrix Metrics.


6. The once and future layer 5: Resilient, Twitter-style microservices


Oliver Gould, CTO of Buoyant, will speak about operating microservices at scale. We are looking forward to hearing about Twitter’s evolvement to distributed microservices, through layer 5 in the OSI model.


7. It’s time: What to do when rebuilding your infrastructure


Yvette Pasqua, CTO of Meetup, Wayne Folkes, the company’s system engineering manager, and Alessandro Bologna, the director of systems and quality engineering, will explore new tools and technologies for rebuilding infrastructure and also speak about organizing teams on these projects. We look forward to hearing about their own experience at Meetup.


Meet BlazeMeter at Velocity New York 2016


Our expert performance team will be on site at Velocity New York at booth #600, offering advice and insight on load and performance testing, continuous testing, continuous integration, testing native mobile apps, Apache JMeter, and a lot more.


You can schedule a meeting with us at our booth by clicking here.

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