For countless testing teams, the tedium of test data generation, application, and maintenance can be summed up in one word: frustrating. While test data is essential in your tests, it can often be a time-consuming and inefficient process to use properly.

But those days are over.

In this webinar, BlazeMeter testing expert Keith Puzey will give an in-depth overview of how your team can leverage test data in your testing strategy in a new and improved way. What once took testers days now takes them mere minutes. Paired with the power of the latest advancements of AI, Keith will share how your team can save significant amounts of time, money, and resources with flexible and intelligent test data.

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keith puzey

Keith Puzey

Automation Tester, BlazeMeter

Keith is a member of the customer-facing BlazeMeter engineering team and has specialised in test and release automation for over 10 years.