Test data will never be the same.  

Tired of spending days manually managing test data? There’s a better way. Introducing BlazeMeter’s Test Data Pro – infused with the power of AI to eliminate major testing bottlenecks.

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  • AI-Driven Data Profiler — Eliminate time-consuming manual test data setup through robust, AI-driven automation. Maintain data integrity across tests for consistent, reliable results while expanding existing data sets with ease.
  • AI-Driven Test Data Creator — Harness the power of AI to optimize test data. Generate comprehensive test coverage with unprecedented data diversity and seed list capabilities – generate names, cities, companies, colors, and more in seconds.
  • AI-Assisted Test Data Function Generator — Spend far less time building test data functions with an AI-Assisted Function Generator. Use natural language to create functions without coding or memorizing names.
  • Chaos Testing — Uncover hidden vulnerabilities by stress testing with “bad data” - incorrect credit card numbers, mistyped info, etc. Maximize resilience and uptime with automated negative testing.

The future of test data is here. See it for yourself!