Are you still struggling to find or build test data for your tests? Why does it have to be so difficult? It doesn’t! With BlazeMeter Test Data, you can build flexible, comprehensive, and reusable test data on-the-fly quickly and attach it to your tests.  

While we were excited about our previous launch, there have been many improvements to this feature that we cannot wait to share with you!  

Watch this session with BlazeMeter experts Petr Vlasek (Product Manager) and Keith Puzey (R&D SWAT) to take a closer look at BlazeMeter Test Data and learn about some of our new capabilities that make building test data even easier.   

We’ll cover the following: 

  • What’s new with BlazeMeter Test Data? 
  • Testing both your mobile user experience and backend under load in the cloud.  
  • Test Data Orchestrator explanation and usage. 

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Petr Vlasek

Petr Vlasek

Product Management, BlazeMeter

Petr works as Product Manager for BlazeMeter Continuous Testing platform. In past he worked in architect and product roles in areas of workload automation, application security and blockchain research. His current passion is looking for innovative ways how to take continuous testing to the next level and make it developer-friendly.

keith puzey

Keith Puzey

Automation Tester, BlazeMeter

Keith is a member of the customer-facing BlazeMeter engineering team and has specialised in test and release automation for over 10 years.