The best testing tools are ones that are able to bridge the gaps of testing skills. For teams attempting to implement agile testing, a tool that anyone can use regardless of skill is a huge boost.

JMeter DSL is a great option for integrating load tests to agile teams because it considerably eases the scripting and maintenance of performance tests in the repositories usually used in those types of projects. The best part? Anyone can use it regardless of experience with JMeter.

In this webinar, Roger Abelenda of Abstracta walks you through JMeter benefits, Java code benefits, and JMeter best practices. Learn about:

  • JMeter popularity, tools, and flexibility and extensibility
  • Embedded Java docs, IDEs, test plan readability and maintenance
  • State assertions, JUnit, and live dashboards
  • And more!

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Roger Abelenda headshot.

Roger Abelenda

Chief Technology Officer, Abstracta

I'm a Software Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in development with special focus in developing high traffic and resilient applications. In my career I have played different roles as developer, architect and technical director.

Today I am CTO at Abstracta, a software quality-focused company. I use my experience and technical background to help different areas of the business, fostering innovation and always willing to help.

Last year I have been an active promoter and maintainer of JMeter DSL: a new way of scripting performance tests with JMeter fostering collaboration between devs and performance experts and continuous performance testing.