Course Summary

This course will help you learn how to leverage the Autocorrelation recorder JMeter plugin to create dynamic scripts, based on pre-determined rules, which significantly simplifies the script building process.

We are pleased to announce that Autocorrelation Recorder has been renewed, adding several new features which help to simplify the way correlations are done and making the automation process even quicker and more efficient. We will be walking you through these new functionalities in this course. 

In the JMeter™ Autocorrelation Recorder course, you will learn to:

  • Locate dynamic values within your scripts
  • Correlate those values for each iteration
  • Configure the Correlation Recorder Plugin, in JMeter™, to do the correlation automatically
  • Customizations are done and how to make them
  • Understand the whole recording process work in JMeter™






Ricardo Poleo is a senior software engineer at BlazeMeter’s Labs. With 9+ years in web development, system design, enhancing performance applications and sharing knowledge with the community.

Nayla Lago is a Performance Tester at Perforce professional services team. She has also played multiple roles in fields such as functional testing, digital marketing, accounts & customer management. Loves to spend quality time with family and friends. Dancing, sea and cooking are top activities in her free time.


This course is of interest to Performance testers and engineers.


This course uses concepts that were introduced in the JMeter™Intro course therefore we recommend taking the JMeter™Intro course first. 


This course does not include guided exercises. 

Course Format

Textual and video learning components. Four knowledge checks, exam.

Required Software

This course requires that you have the Apache JMeter™ application installed.

Course Content and Duration

  1. Course Overview - 2:40
  2. Installation - 7:40
  3. Interactions And Recording - 4:50
  4. Intro to the Autocorrelation Recorder - 3:30
  5. Knowledge Check #1
  6. Manual Correlation Example - 6:30
  7. Correlation Rule Parts - 5:40
  8. Correlation Templates - 8:30
  9. Knowledge Check #2
  10. Introduction to Complex Scenarios - 5:50
  11. Regex Correlation extractor - 22:40
  12. Custom Extensions - 6:00
  13. Knowledge Check #3
  14. Automatic Correlation 7:10
  15. Knowledge Check #4
  16. Best Practices - 11:40
  17. Exam

Course Completion Criteria 

This course contains a final exam. 

To complete the course, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher. 

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • A certificate validating the course completion
  • The Master of Correlations badge, Value: 800 points 

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