Go From JMeter™ Novice to Continuous Testing Ninja

Our JMeter and Taurus courses will provide you with expert product training on BlazeMeter’s Continuous Testing platform and the Open-Source frameworks it supports. Each course also includes a certification exam!

JMeter™ Intro

New to JMeter? We’ll show you how to install JMeter from scratch and cover the key concepts and foundations of script building in JMeter

JMeter™ Pro

Mastered the JMeter Intro course? We’ll take your JMeter knowledge deeper by covering further elements, use cases, and best practices.

The Complete Taurus Course

Learn everything there is to know about Taurus, the open-source orchestration and test automation framework, to become a true continuous testing ninja.

Master BlazeMeter Performance Testing

This course will give you all the how to’s and best practices so you’ll be able to manage, design and run your BlazeMeter tests with confidence.

BlazeMeter Infrastructure Management

An advanced course, great for Account admins. You’ll learn how to set up OPLs, Private Cloud, K8s, SSO and more.

Introduction to BlazeMeter Mock Services

Learn about how you can use BlazeMeter Mock Services to remove testing dependencies such as unavailable services or difficult to test third party components.

Meet your BlazeMeter University Instructors

Jacob Sharir

Jacob manages the Adoption Services team at BlazeMeter for the past 5 years, and lives and breathes BlazeMeter and open source testing technologies

Lorena Jinchuk

Lorena is a customer-oriented software engineer and part of BlazeMeter’s Adoption Services team. Lorena has been working with SaaS solutions for over 5 years

Eric Dapp

Eric is a performance engineering, test automation, and all-around continuous testing ninja, and is a member of BlazeMeter’s adoption team

Travis Lloyd

Travis has 6 years of experience in software development and performance testing and specializes in working with K8s and Docker

Archer Berryman

Archer Berryman manages documentation and training for Broadcom's DevOps business. He is a continuous testing advocate who is passionate about improving customer experience in our testing tools.