BlazeMeter by Perforce Revolutionizes Testing with Built-in Test Data Generation

MINNEAPOLIS, February 3, 2022 — Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the software development lifecycle, announced a new capability in BlazeMeter, BlazeMeter Test Data. This new feature allows testers and developers to build synthetic test data on the fly for functional and performance tests and virtual services. Once created, the test data can be linked and reused with multiple tests and services.

Bala Maddu, Mobile Network Automation Architect, BT Group, commented "We are thrilled that Perforce is delivering test data for BlazeMeter. This new feature is a must-have for us, allowing our teams to combine mocks with load tests with the right data. It helps us shift left and simplifies our test data challenges."

Obtaining compliant test data is an ongoing challenge for teams and creates significant delays in the software development lifecycle. Research has shown that teams can spend over 60% of their time waiting for test data.[1] Many organizations are moving to synthetic data because it avoids the many compliance headaches when trying to convert production data to test data.

“Finding test data for your sprints is one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving continuous testing and speeding up the development process,” stated Steve Feloney, Head of BlazeMeter Product Management. “Companies involved in writing or moving their existing apps to the cloud need a cloud-based testing platform that is nimble and fast, just like their development environments. BlazeMeter addresses both the need to develop software quickly and maintain quality.”

BlazeMeter Test Data functionality can:

  • Generate synthetic data for functional and performance tests
  • Create data for virtual services
  • Import existing test data from CSV files
  • Link and reuse test data for BlazeMeter tests
  • Synchronize test data across test environments and systems under test (SUT)

The availability of BlazeMeter Test Data is supported by four new courses available in BlazeMeter University. The first course “Test Data Fundamentals” is available now. Three additional courses will follow in the next few weeks.  

The BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform is a complete solution for shift-left continuous testing. The platform includes UI functional testing, user experience testing, API testing and monitoring, performance testing, test data, and virtual services. All capabilities are deeply integrated in an intuitive workflow designed for agile teams and provide robust support for popular open-source tools. Delivered in software as a service with support for multiple clouds or private cloud, it is simple to get started, intuitive to use, and a powerful tool for delivering innovation with quality and speed.



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