As part of our investment to the open source community, BlazeMeter is happy to contribute technologies and tools to developers, DevOps, and engineers. These include JMeter plugins, script converters, and script recorders, which are fully open source and available to the public as is. Stay updated with our latest plugins here, and you can contact us at

Latest Extensions

Chrome Extension

Easily create JMeter, Selenium or synched JMeter & Selenium scripts.

Proxy Recorder

Record JMeter scenarios from your web or mobile app.

Shift Left converter

Convert VuGen/TruClient to open source JMeter or Selenium based Taurus, and start shifting left.

HTTP2 JMeter plugin

Load test HTTP/2 browser communication with JMeter.

HLS-Dash Plugin

Load test the HTTP Live Video Streaming (HLS) protocol with JMeter.

JMX converter

Convert HAR, XML, Selenium, and JSON to JMX format.

RTE JMeter plugin for Mainframe

Load test IBM mainframes applications (3270, 5250 & VT-420) with JMeter.

Correlation Recorder Plugin

Simplify testing for applications with dynamic values by creating, loading and sharing correlation templates

JMeter Citrix Plugin

Record & launch a Citrix app test right from your JMeter environment

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