Santiago Peraza is a Performance Engineer. He is a ISTQB certified software tester. Santiago's main areas of expertise are JMeter scripting and executing cloud and on-premise performance tests.

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Introducing the Siebel CRM Correlation Plugin in JMeter

The new JMeter Siebel CRM plugin by BlazeMeter Labs lets you easily create a script to load test your Siebel CRM application. Read and learn to start testing.

Selection Statements in JMeter Made Easy

Learn to alter your load test flow with Selection Statements. A guide to JMeter’s If Controller and Switch Controller, to create performance tests like a pro.

Response Assertions in JMeter 3.2 - New and Improved

Easily execute response assertions in your tests. Learn everything you need to know about the new response assertion abilities in JMeter 3.2.

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