Michael Sage is Chief Evangelist for BlazeMeter. He has over 15 years experience as a solutions architect and consultant helping teams of all sizes with software delivery and performance management. Prior to joining BlazeMeter, Michael worked with industry-leading companies like Mercury Interactive, Hewlett-Packard, and New Relic. A native of Philadelphia, he’s made San Francisco his home for over 10 years.

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Oct 01 2015

Why We Blaze

Performance testing has changed - dramatically.


Long gone are the days of thinking we could get by without testing, and yesterday's approaches haven't kept pace with the demands of modern software delivery teams. BlazeMeter is here to help fuel the software revolution with "Performance-Testing-As-Code". We created this manifesto to guide us along our collective journey.


BlazeMeter is redefining performance testing for the modern era.


  • We believe load and performance testing should be a part of every software delivery workflow, from legacy monolithic apps to continuously delivered microservices to everything in-between. High performing apps make people happy.
  • We believe apps should respond exactly as we need them to and not stress us out. We should never have to unexpectedly wait. We don't like getting mad at our gadgets.
  • We test web sites, mobile apps, backend APIs, microservices, and legacy apps to ensure they meet the most stringent expectations. Downtime is bad for everyone.
  • We generate test traffic from Cloud-based locations around the world. Tests should reflect real-world conditions and behaviors, because complex systems break in unpredictable ways.
  • We favor open source tools that work across platforms, vendors and tech stacks. We love working with and contributing to Taurus, JMeter, Gatling, and other projects, and we look forward to new  tools to come. Being a pirate is more fun than joining the navy.
  • We know collaboration streamlines productivity so we provide a centralized environment where every team member has what they need to design, run, or analyze tests, and can communicate clearly and quickly with each other and with us.


We embrace community and love partnering with others. We're all in this together, each doing our part to bring great software to the world, and synergies abound. Besides, revolutions without comrades are no fun at all. Join over 100,000 developers that already blaze.

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