Clare Avieli is the Director of Product Marketing at CA BlazeMeter, where she leads the digital marketing team. She has 15+ years of experience in marketing, PR, and writing, with a specialization in technology. Prior to CA BlazeMeter, Clare led the online and content marketing strategy at Panaya (now Infosys) and was the marketing manager at Nolio, now CA Release Automation.

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Feb 24 2015

View the Webcast: Continuous Testing in Practice

Continuous testing is a hot topic - and for a very good reason. Nearly 2,500 people signed up for yesterday’s webinar to learn how Continuous Testing will enable them to achieve shorter release times and superior software quality.


Don’t worry if you missed this webinar - we recorded the entire session. Watch it now and learn:


  • Why Continuous Testing is so important today

  • How to integrate automated Continuous Testing into your Continuous Integration (CI) processes

  • How to ensure testing keeps pace with agile development cycles

  • The end-to-end flow of a continuous testing process


You can view the full webcast here:


The webinar was delivered by BlazeMeter’s Ophir Prusak and Abhijit Pendyal from Sauce Labs, who were also online at the end for a lively Q&A session. But, despite their best efforts, Ophir & Abhijit just didn’t have the time to answer all the questions asked by the audience within the time allocated.

So we’ve decided to set aside dedicated personal sessions for you to discuss your specific issues and questions with our Continuous Testing Engineers.  

Click here to book a personal consultation with a Continuous Testing Engineer

You might also find it useful to check out our whitepaper “Continuous Testing in Practice: Completing the Continuous Delivery Process”.


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