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Oct 04 2018

The DevOps Phonetic Alphabet

How many times have you had to spell out your name to fellow colleagues and partners on the other side of the world, asked about the spelling of a new open source tool someone introduced you to, or tried to write down the latest DevOps buzzword everyone is using?


Our guess is quite a lot. That’s why we put together the DevOps phonetic alphabet. Next time you have to spell something out, or you ask for the letters in a word, you will have your very own code word index. Sure, there’s the NATO phonetic alphabet, but chances are developers will understand the word “QA” much quicker than “Quebec”. It’s also a quick way for developers to communicate with each other without others understanding (though, let’s face it, they rarely do anyway).


So here is the DevOps Phonetic alphabet we came up with. You’re welcome to add suggestions in the comments section. Please SHARE! (S like Selenium, H like HTML, A like Ansible, R like Release, E like Environments).


Letter NATO Code Word DevOps Code Word Other Suggestions
A Alfa Ansible Agile, Acceptance Testing
B Bravo Bugs  
C Charlie CI/CD  
D Delta Docker  
E Echo Environments  
F Foxtrot FullStack Functional Testing
G Golf Git  
H Hotel HTML  
I India Integration Testing  
J Juliett Jenkins  
K Kilo Kubernetes  
L Lima Lambda Linux
M Mike Monitoring  
N November NewRelic Ngnix, Node.js
O Oscar OpenSource  
P Papa Production  
Q Quebec QA  
R Romeo Release Regression Testing
S Sierra Slack Selenium
T Tango TomCat Test Automation
U Uniform Ubuntu Unit Testing
V Victor Velocity VM, VPN
W Whiskey WeWork White Box Testing
X X-Ray XML  
Y Yankee YouTube  
Z Zulu Zoom  


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