Boost Your Software Testing & Development Career With BlazeMeter University
September 29, 2022

Boost Your Software Testing & Development Career With BlazeMeter University

Test Automation

A recent Guardian article highlighted the ever-increasing use of AI in screening candidates for those looking to grow their software testing or development career. According to the Harvard/Deloitte survey quoted in the article, 88% of employers in the US, UK, and Germany use algorithmic systems to screen out qualified candidates.

The widespread use of automated systems might explain why qualified candidates get rejection after rejection, despite the worldwide talent shortage and the record levels of job openings. 

Another factor is that job descriptions now include an ever-growing number of requirements. If you're lacking specific keywords in your resume, such as "JMeter", “Performance Testing”, or "Mock Services", you might be out of contention before a human reader even gets near your submission.  

Expand Your Skillset With BlazeMeter University 

"Skills are the new currency," writes Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn. He continues, “And it’s become increasingly clear that the best way forward – for individuals, businesses, economies, and societies – is a skills-first mindset. Recent LinkedIn data shows that the skill sets for jobs have changed by around 25% since 2015. By 2027, this number is expected to double. That means jobs are changing on you even if you aren’t changing jobs...". 

And what better way of adding to your software testing and development skills than taking a few hours to learn something new with BlazeMeter University

Adding more skills to your skill set shows that you are ambitious, capable, aware of the latest industry trends, and take charge of your own personal growth. Which makes you valuable to any potential employer. 

A recent UNESCO report came to the same conclusion:  

“Among alternative credentials, online certificates currently command the highest value, and are nearly comparable to a traditional degree. Earning an online certificate from an online college, a company or an industry-specific organization is typically much more involved than for the other credentials. The certificates are often connected to specific job functions. Many of these certificates have been created by companies such as Cisco, IBM, or Microsoft to meet their own needs or the needs of their customers.” 

Whether you're looking to move ahead in your present role or looking to move on to new challenges, consider taking one or two of our courses. Or more. Since they're totally free and well worth your time, what have you got to lose? 

Check out BlazeMeter and Perfecto Courses 

BlazeMeter University is a free resource anyone can leverage for certified training in BlazeMeter, DevOps, and open-source tools such as JMeter, Selenium, Taurus, and more. We have both beginner-level and advanced courses, led by expert instructors with many years of hands-on continuous testing experience. 

We have also added courses for our Perfecto fans, such as our Cypress 10 Fundamentals course. Our catalog consists of recorded courses and your learning can be verified by the certificates granted to those learners who complete the training and pass an exam. Thousands of students worldwide have benefitted from our offerings.  

We are constantly adding more courses, so keep checking back to see our latest online training.  

Add Course Certificates to LinkedIn and Twitter 

BlazeMeter University lets you post your completed courses to Twitter and LinkedIn. After completion, you will see a prompt to share your successfully completed courses and certificates. 

BlazeMeter University share certification


Select the Twitter icon to log in to your Twitter account. 

Within Twitter, select Post. A tweet opens with BlazeMeter University’s default text entered, including any hashtags suggested by BlazeMeter University. You can edit the tweet and add hashtags; the text is a suggestion only. 

Share BlazeMeter University certification on Twitter


Select the LinkedIn icon to open a dialog listing the certificate content you can add to your profile. Selecting Open LinkedIn directs you to the LinkedIn login screen. 

The following screenshot shows the Share Certification dialog, with instructions about what content you can add.

Share BlazeMeter University certification on LinkedIn

Take Your Software Testing & Development Career to the Next Level 

BlazeMeter University’s wide range of courses offers great opportunities for testers and developers to grow their careers. These courses are easily accessible and make it simple for you to share and showcase your new skills with your networks and future employers. Plus, they’re free. 

Don't wait. Get started with BlazeMeter University today. 

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