One Week After BlazeMeter Acquisition Announcement
October 8, 2021

One Week After BlazeMeter Acquisition Announcement

Functional Testing

Well, it’s a week after the BlazeMeter acquisition announcement and the reactions have been phenomenal. I have personally met with many customers in the past week, and their reactions have been almost unanimously positive.  Perforce already has a great reputation in the quality/testing space with Perfecto, TestCraft, 21Labs, Klocwork, and people see the synergies with BlazeMeter joining the group.

BlazeMeter has landed in a company that cares about DevOps and Continuous Quality and customers can see the potential for how BlazeMeter will further grow and prosper under Perforce leadership.  I’m pleased by customers’ reactions and I want to personally thank the BlazeMeter customer base for putting your trust with us, agreeing to come along for the ride, and having faith that this acquisition is the best move for the BlazeMeter solution, of which you have come to rely on.

Now let me answer some of the top questions that I have received from customers so far:


  • Will this acquisition affect your current roadmap for BlazeMeter?
    • Our strategy is clear, and we do not anticipate any 180°changes. Perforce is acquiring BlazeMeter, not just for what it is, but for what it has the potential to become.  As we learn more about the broader Perforce portfolio and speak with more customers, we may decide to add new items to the roadmap or reprioritize current items. Either way, we will make sure that the lines of communication are open and clear and we do this in partnership with our customers.


  • Will there be an impact to the BlazeMeter SaaS service (stability, reliability, scalability. Lots of “ility’s”)?
    • No.  BlazeMeter will remain a SaaS service with the stability, reliability, and scalability you have come to expect. The product performance you expect and enjoy from BlazeMeter today, will be exactly the same tomorrow.


  • We really enjoy working with you and your team. What happens now?
    • It’s really all about me? As mentioned in my previous blog post, the entire BlazeMeter team is moving with the acquisition, and we get the benefit of a whole new set of team members with the Perforce team.  So you will not get rid of me, the PMs, marketing, our SEs, or R&D that easily.

We will work to keep everyone up to date as we can. In the meantime, please keep the feedback and comments coming.

May the Perforce be with you!