September 13, 2021

How to Set Up and Integrate Your TDM Servers with BlazeMeter

Test Data Management

TDM (Test Data Management) Find & Reserve Models let Testers search for data that matches their requirements across distributed data sources, and reserve it exclusively for their use. This blog post is a tutorial for Test Data Management users who want to set up their Find & Reserve (F&R) models from their TDM Servers with BlazeMeter. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents: 

What is a TDM server? 

A TDM server is a solution for the automated preparation and analysis of large amounts of data in various formats and structures.  Combining many server components for automated management and background data processing. 

Test data management tutorial prerequisites

  • The TDM 4.9.1 server version and above, and TDM admin credentials
  • Existing Find & Reserve models in the TDM Portal under Tester Self-Service
  • A virtual machine as an agent that is reachable by BlazeMeter and the TDM server
  • A configured TDM connection in the BlazeMeter Settings with valid credentials and a private location agent.
  • Note: The Windows Agent cannot be used for TDM Integration. Only Unix Agents are supported. 
  • The Reserve Feature is currently NOT available from BlazeMeter and should be activated from the TDM Portal. 


Set Up TDM Server Find & Reserve Integration

In BlazeMeter, configure the following setting. Please note: all users in one workspace use the same TDM credentials to connect. Avoid using TDM administrator accounts.                      

1. Go to Settings -> Workspace -> TDM Connections.

TDM server - set-up workspace

2. Click Credentials

3. Click Add New Credential., and select Test Data Manager (TDM).


TDM server credentials

4. Define a Credentials Name that helps members identify which credentials they should choose for TDM.

5. Enter a Username and Password of a user that can connect to the TDM server. 

6. Click Create Credential.

test data management tutorial-credentials

Note: Use TDM Service Account with required permissions for the Find & Reserve functionality. 

7. Click Private Locations.

8. Click Add New Private Location, define a Location Name, and other properties of your choice. Click Next.

9. Enable TDM integration and other functionalities of your choice. Click Create.

TDM server private locations

10. Click Add Agent.

11. Enter the Name, and URL or IP Address of the TDM server.
BlazeMeter will generate installation commands.

12. Select the appropriate installer tab for your agent (either Docker, Kubernetes, or Windows command line) and click Copy Command

13. Connect to the agent virtual machine, and paste and run the installation command on the command line.
Docker will install and start the agent.

14. Wait for the process to complete.
Tip: Check the agent status on the Private Location page on the BlazeMeter Settings page.

15. Click TDM Connections.

16. Click Add New Test Data Manager Connection.

17. Define a Connection Name to help project members select the appropriate entry.

18. Select the Private Location Agent that you just created.

19. Select the Credential that you just created.

20. Enter your TDM URL.

21. Click Test Connection.

22. Click Add Connection.

TDM server private locations

TDM Server Find & Reserve Model  

For more detailed information on TDM Find & Reserve Models, see Create and Edit a Find & Reserve Model in the TDM documentation.

  1. Using the TDM Portal, a DBA creates models that expose relevant parts of a database schema to Testers.
  2. In the TDM Portal, the DBA can choose to expose tables under more user-friendly names, or provide fixed filter values by enabling the Display as Dropdown Menu option for a column.
  3. Testers then use these database models in TDM or BlazeMeter to find test data. 

Example: Find and Reserve Model in TDM Portal 

TDM server-self-service catalog

Please note:

  • The BlazeMeter integration does not support TDM's Legacy Find & Reserve Models. Unsupported models are not listed in the Find & Reserve window in BlazeMeter.
  • BlazeMeter does not include an editor for Find & Reserve Models; Models need to be created in TDM Portal. 

How to Find and Reserve Data in BlazeMeter Using TDM Server

1. Open a GUI Functional Test and click Test Data. The Test Data panel will open on the right hand side.

TDM server-GUI functional

2. Click the Plus button, and select TDM Find & Reserve Model. The Select TDM Find & Reserve Model screen will open.                                                

3. Select a TDM Server and a Project and version. BlazeMeter will list available models.

4. Select an Environment

5. Select one or more models.

6. Click Add. The chosen Find & Reserve Models are attached to the test as Test Parameters.

TDM server-find and reserve

7. Click Preview F&R Model Values (the eye icon) next to the header of the model to preview all values, then click Close.

8. Click Iterations. Configure iteration settings: If you choose the “All rows from this CSV or F&R Model” run option, select a TDM Find & Reserve Model as source. Preview the data that will be used across iterations.

9. Click Save

Test data setup

10. Click Copy Parameter Name to Clipboard next to a parameter.

11. Return to the test scenario, and replace the static value by pasting the parameter.

Locked and Unlocked Parameters

After you attach a Find & Reserve Model to a test, you will notice that F&R parameters display either a locked or an unlocked symbol.  The symbols help you analyze queries in cases where unexpected data or no data is returned: For example, the database associated with a locked query may be empty, or the custom filter associated with an unlocked query may not match any values.

Unlocked Parameters

An unlocked symbol means that you can filter the query results that the TDM database returns. An orange bar in front of an unlocked parameter indicates that this parameter has a custom filter applied. 

Test data server parameters

Locked Parameters:

A locked symbol means that you cannot filter this TDM search query any further. The parameter returns one set of data that was defined in the F&R model in the TDM portal. If you need to filter a locked query, reconfigure the F&R model in the TDM portal.

Find and Reserve Function

Let us see how the F&R function works with an example. Select a value. For example, City: Atlanta. 


Find and Reserve example


When we run the test, we see that Atlanta is used in the test. 

Test data server sample

Now, let us reserve the city “Berlin” in the Test Management Portal. When we try to use Berlin city in the test, We get an error saying the city Berlin is already used and cannot be used for testing.


TDM Reservation: City Berlin is reserved:

Test data server find and reserve model


TDM server example

Now, Check the City Berlin in BlazeMeter to lock Berlin and Preview the Data. We got the error “The F&R model did not return any data, please check the F&R model” which is expected as the city is already reserved. 


TDM server-errors

That’s it! You can now use BlazeMeter with TDM and generate test data to create a TDM server.



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