How to Set Up and Integrate Your TDM Servers with BlazeMeter
September 12, 2021

How to Set Up and Integrate Your TDM Servers with BlazeMeter

Test Data Management

TDM (Test Data Management) Find & Reserve Models let Testers search for data that matches their requirements across distributed data sources, and reserve it exclusively for their use. This blog post is a tutorial for Test Data Management users who want to set up their Find & Reserve (F&R) models from their TDM Servers with BlazeMeter. Let’s get started!

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What is a TDM server? 

A TDM server is a solution for the automated preparation and analysis of large amounts of data in various formats and structures.  Combining many server components for automated management and background data processing. 

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Test data management tutorial prerequisites

  • The TDM 4.9.1 server version and above, and TDM admin credentials
  • Existing Find & Reserve models in the TDM Portal under Tester Self-Service
  • A virtual machine as an agent that is reachable by BlazeMeter and the TDM server
  • A configured TDM connection in the BlazeMeter Settings with valid credentials and a private location agent.
  • Note: The Windows Agent cannot be used for TDM Integration. Only Unix Agents are supported. 
  • The Reserve Feature is currently NOT available from BlazeMeter and should be activated from the TDM Portal. 


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Set Up TDM Server Find & Reserve Integration

In BlazeMeter, configure the following setting. Please note: all users in one workspace use the same TDM credentials to connect. Avoid using TDM administrator accounts.                      

1. Go to Settings -> Workspace -> TDM Connections.

TDM server - set-up workspace

That’s it! You can now use BlazeMeter with TDM and generate test data to create a TDM server.



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