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How to Use HTTP Basic Authentication in JMeter

Easily learn to use the HTTP Basic Authentication in JMeter. Run your load tests for restricted URLs in no time.

Stress Testing With BlazeMeter: How The New York Times Prepared for the Election Season

In this post, we’ll share the use case of how the New York times prepared for the US elections and what Stress Testing strategies were implemented to prepare their systems.

Using Seed Lists to Generate Realistic Data for Functional Testing in BlazeMeter

BlazeData allows testers to generate production quality synthetic data to use in GUI functional testing. Let’s explore seed lists and how to use them to optimize your testing.

3 Things to Look Out for When Stress Testing Your API

3 things that you should pay special attention to when designing and running your API load tests and how to manage them. Read to become an API testing pro.

Stress Testing with JMeter and BlazeMeter: A Tutorial

Understanding how our systems respond when they are pushed to their very limits is of great relevance. Let's see how to stress test with JMeter and BlazeMeter.

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JMeter Parameterization - The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about how to parameterize your load tests in JMeter. Use CSV files, databases and plugins to make your load tests more efficient.

4 Benefits of Continuous Testing and How to Get Started

4 key benefits that should be at the top of your mind when continuous testing model and an example of what this solution might look like in action.

How to Maximize Your Existing Investments in Service Virtualization with BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter's Service Virtualization Bridge and Blazemeter VSE along with SVEE enable you to enhance on-premises functionality, share and reuse services, and drive adoption.

What is Postman and How to Use It for API Testing

When it comes to API testing, we have a lot of ways and tools to do it. In this post you will find out the basics of APIs, API testing and some popular tools that can help you achieve this.

Creating Dynamic Testing and Mocking Assets in Your CI/CD Pipeline

Learn how Test Data and Mock Services can be incorporated into the build process to improve your test coverage and improve overall build quality even more.

What is API Monitoring? Keeping the Steady Heartbeat of Healthy APIs

API Monitoring refers to an automated series of tests that run in the background. Learn what API Monitoring is and why you need to monitor your APIs.

How to Develop a JMeter Plugin: Intro & Best Practices

The complete guide for developing a JMeter plugin from scratch. All steps for implementation, extending JMeter classes and methods and sharing with the community.

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How to Create Automated Tests for Salesforce Lightning Applications with BlazeMeter

Read how BlazeMeter solves the challenges of Salesforce Lightning and to see a step by step explanation of how to create and run an automated test on a Salesforce Lighting app.

Web Components and Shadow DOM: Why and How to Use Them

Learn how to use web components, the challenges with Shadow DOM and Selenium and the BlazeMeter solution. Become a functional testing pro.