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How to Install Jenkins on Windows

Find the Jenkins installation in this easy guide. This tutorial will take you step by step to installing the Jenkins CI server on Windows. Start automating today.

Selenium vs Scrapy: Which One Should You Choose for Web Scraping?

There are various tools for web scraping. In this article we’ll focus on Selenium & Scrapy, the most popular web scraping frameworks & analyze their main differences.

Perforce to Acquire BlazeMeter: A Force To Be Reckoned With

Perforce has announced their intention to acquire BlazeMeter from Broadcom. For BlazeMeter customers, this new chapter will bring about more opportunities for partnership, collaboration, and innovation. Keep reading to learn more.

Open Source Load Testing Tools 2021

In software development things are changing fast, new tools appear, old tools lose popularity. Here is the full list of the best open source performance tools in 2021.

What is Selenium Framework? And How to Get Started with Selenium?

All your Selenium questions - answered. What are the Selenium Framework Features? What are the Benefits of Selenium Framework? Which Tool Types Does the Selenium Framework Consist of? and many more.

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Advanced API Assertions with BlazeMeter API Testing and Monitoring

Using API assertions after requests in your test can help ensure your APIs are up, fast, and returning the data you expect in all of your environments. Learn to create complex assertions in BlazeMeter.

Selenium vs. Cypress- A Complete Comparison Between the Two Testing Frameworks

While Selenium is widely used for web application testing, Cypress is rapidly gaining widespread adoption. Let’s dig deeper into these two test automation platforms.

A Guide to Soak Testing and Spike Testing 

This article will look at two types of performance testing: soak testing and spike testing. We'll first recap stress testing and then take a closer look at other types of tests. 

How to Set Up and Integrate Your TDM Servers with BlazeMeter

This blog post is a tutorial for Test Data Management users who want to set up their Find & Reserve (F&R) models from their TDM Servers with BlazeMeter. Let’s get started!

What is Agile Testing and Why is it Right for You?

The most popular testing models can be roughly divided into waterfall and agile. In this blog you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 methods & why agile testing is most likely better for you.

What’s New In Selenium 4

Selenium is a widely used test automation tool for web applications. Let’s look at the improvements and new features in the eagerly anticipated Selenium 4.

Security Testing in an Agile Development World

Security testing is a key component of software quality. A program may meet functionality and performance requirements, but that does not guarantee security. In this blog post I will present different security testing methods

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IoT Testing Using Locust, Paho, and BlazeMeter

For most intents and purposes, JMeter would probably not be the ideal tool for creating scenarios in the IoT world. That’s where Locust comes in as a better alternative.

How to Run an Open Source Vegeta Load Test in BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter now enables testers, developers and DevOps to run Vegeta-based testing. Vegeta is an open-source Golang HTTP load testing tool, which is versatile and easy to use. See how.