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3 New Tools to Organize Your Data in BlazeMeter

3 new meaningful data management capabilities we recently brought to the continuous testing platform – an increased number of labels, tagging, and advanced search. Tutorials and best practices

Testing with Selenium and Other Automated Frameworks

In this post, we compare manual and automated testing, compare three popular applications, and show you the best practices for test automation using Selenium.

Selenium Vs. Cucumber - Which One is Right for You?

In this article, we discuss in detail the major differences between Selenium and Cucumber and find out the preferable one for testing automation.

5 Best Ways to Learn Selenium and Become a Testing Expert

This article provides five best ways to learn Selenium and introduces great sources for learning Selenium and becoming a testing expert.

Locust with Python: Introduction, Correlating Variables and Basic Assertions

In this post we will show you how to give your first steps using Locust, this great performance testing tool, by showing an example with a basic workflow developed in Python.

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Should You Load Test Your Application with Open Source Tools?

Let's look at the pros and cons of using open-source testing tools, followed by a comparison between 4 leading open-source performance testing tools. We will also show you when going for a premium paid solution is best for you.

Load Testing a Rendezvous Point with JMeter: A Guide

In this article we will show you how performance problems in the system can be prevented by doing load tests with a rendezvous point. Read the full guide here.

It’s Official: BlazeMeter has a New Home!

Monday Nov 1, 2021 was officially our first work day for BlazeMeter being part of Perforce. BlazeMeter and Perforce will dominate perforce the quality testing space due to the unique and complete solution the combined forces will bring to bear.

Shift API Testing Right with API Monitoring

Here’s the why and how of shift-right API monitoring, along with guidance on incorporating API monitoring into a larger test automation strategy. Start reading!

Selenium Web Driver Commands: A Complete Tutorial

Top Selenium WebDriver commands to help you perform browser testing better. Get commands to help you execute operations on your browser, for navigation, for Web Element, action commands and for result commands.

How to Install Selenium WebDriver for Java

By using Selenium WebDriver, testers can easily write their test cases efficiently and in less time. In this article you will learn about Selenium WebDriver and its Java installation.

Node-RED Flows and IoT Device Testing with BlazeMeter

In this article we take a look at the popular Node-RED programming tool which is used to code devices using "flows" and discuss the best ways to test them.

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One Week After BlazeMeter Acquisition Announcement: The Force is Strong With This One

It has been a week since the BlazeMeter acquisition announcement, and the reactions have been phenomenal. Stephen Feloney answers the top questions that he has received from customers so far.

Selenium vs. Beautiful Soup: A Full Comparison

The limitless amounts of data available online can be downloaded and analyzed in a variety of ways. Researchers can take disparate evidence pulled from multiple web sources and draw statistical conclu