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How to use Postman for API Testing Automation

Learn how to use Postman to automate API tests. Integrate automated testing into your CI/CD pipeline. Create test suites, scale faster & streamline development.

BlazeMeter University is Live

Now live: Free, online courses and certifications for popular open source and continuous testing technologies

JMeter HLS Plugin 3.0 is out!

BlazeMeter Labs has just released a new version of the HLS JMeter plugin, which adds support for the MPEG-DASH protocol, changes sampler names and implements automatic protocol recognition and other details to easily create scripts and test your video streaming services with Apache JMeter™.

What is Scriptless Testing?

What do we mean by scriptless testing? What if we could create automated UI tests without having to script them out by hand? I explain what this term means, and how it can help you achieve continuous testing.

Now Launched: BlazeMeter’s new performance booting screen

Our new performance booting screen was created to give you a clear understanding of the test initiation process, and the tools to manage it.

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Is JMeter a Viable Open Source Alternative to LoadRunner?

You should use open source load testing tools instead of LoadRunner. Read this post to learn why JMeter provides you with more load testing abilities & options. 

What's New in Taurus version 1.14.0

On December 10th a new version of Taurus was released, version 1.14.0. Here’s a quick summary of the changes between this new version and the previous version, and what you can do with the product.

BlazeMeter Azure DevOps Extension Now Available on VisualStudio Marketplace

Now BlazeMeter tests can be executed via Azure DevOps Pipelines, using our Azure DevOps Extension. This extension allows you to run BlazeMeter tests in Azure pipelines.

Getting started with Selenium, Python and BlazeMeter GUI Functional Testing

In this blog post I will explain how to run BlazeMeter GUI Functional Testing with Selenium and Python.

BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Expands into the Land of Full Enterprise Service Virtualization

Introducing Full Service Virtualization Integration in the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform

Introducing JMeter 5.2!

There are a lot of changes in the latest JMeter release including product improvements and bug fixes compared with the previous version of JMeter 5.1. Here are some of the important things you need to know about JMeter 5.2

Introducing the JMeter HLS Plugin 2.0

BlazeMeter Labs has just released a new version of the HLS JMeter plugin, with multiple improvements and features that enable you to easily create a script to load test your video streaming services with Apache JMeter™.

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Getting started with JUnit and Blazemeter GUI functional testing

This blogpost will take you through a step-by-step guide to running a JUnit Selenium test in the BlazeMeter environment.

Getting started with Selenium, C#, and BlazeMeter GUI Functional Test

Selenium is one of the most popular tools for open source GUI Functional testing. If you prefer to run your Selenium test on C#, you can do so by writing your own script, running from your local IDE and connecting it to the BlazeMeter app. I will explain to you how.