Jacob Sharir is a manager in Broadcom’s DevOps group, With more than 7 years of experience in performance testing and customer-facing positions while leading a global team of technical experts, Jacob is proficient in the fields of Continuous and Performance testing. He is focused on assisting the Product team with exploring creative solutions, and increasing products’ value, quality and stability while helping customers improve their testing efficiency.

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Mar 17 2020

BlazeMeter University is Live

Users who are democratizing testing and have shifted testing away from legacy testing solutions, might lack the expertise and mileage in using popular testing tools like JMeter, Taurus, Selenium and any other of the 20+ Open Source testing tools that the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing platform supports.


To help teams in their move away from legacy testing processes and solutions, the BlazeMeter team has been hard at work developing a comprehensive curriculum to help both users and experts super charge their open source and continuous testing expertise.


BlazeMeter University


The BlazeMeter University is an easy to use, and free for all, e-learning educational platform focused on BlazeMeter and the ecosystem it resides in. Current courses cover JMeter, for both beginner and advanced users, Taurus test automation framework, and how to maximise usage of the BlazeMeter Continuous testing platform, including new features like BlazeMeter Mock Services.


These courses average between 2-4 hours each, and offer learning paths so you can start at your current level of expertise and gain more knowledge quickly, with course content that is easy to consume and simple to fit into your day.


Our courses are simple to go through and highly informative, with an emphasis on enablement, including use of shared scripts that we’ve shown you in our courses, so you could leverage them in your own test cases.


Everyone can sign up, and start learning. After a simple registration process, you’ll be automatically enrolled on all the courses, so you will just need to decide where you want to start.


BlazeMeter University free courses


The courses have been designed, tailored and created by the BlazeMeter Adoption team, that has many years worth of experience, handling the tools and practices, but also collaborating with our customers, and learning from their experiences.


BlazeMeter University free courses

We’ve designed them to be video based for easy consumption, and each module is around 3-6 minutes long. We’ve incorporated knowledge checks along the way, and if you pass the exam, you’ll get an accredited BlazeMeter University issued certificate that you can share on your Linkedin profile.


We also allow admin team management for our customers, so a team lead could be assigned as manager of their group, and have detailed visibility over their team’s progress and achievements.


Did I mention we've gamified our University courses? Yes! Every course, exam and time spent will reward you with points and you can keep score in a leaderboard vs your colleagues. Also, every course completion receives a badge, to make things more fun and interesting.


BlazeMeter University

We will be adding more courses to the University over the next few months to help you really maximize your testing knowledge and skills. With these courses you will be able to up-skill your testing skillset, and help mentor and train others in your team to improve their testing too.


Sign up now to BlazeMeter University to become a certified Continuous Testing Ninja!

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