Hany Katzevman is the QA Engineer at BlazeMeter. For the past three years she has been working ing the fields of research, development and product testing/product test development. She specializes in Selenium, JMeter and web testing.

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Jul 27 2017

Convert LoadRunner to Open-Source Selenium in Minutes

More than half of developers find open-source community support an important factor when choosing the load testing solution. 77% of developers agree LoadRunner isn’t suitable for open-source initiatives. That’s why we recommend LoadRunner users to search for newer tools when starting a new testing project.


The free Script Converter can convert LoadRunner TruClient to Selenium and LoadRunner HTTP to Apache JMeter™ and LoadRunner in minimum time. You can also convert to Taurus and BlazeMeter. In the last blog post we explained how to convert your LoadRunner HTTP scripts to JMeter, Taurus and BlazeMeter. This time, we will show how to convert to Selenium.


How to Convert Your LoadRunner Scripts to Selenium


1. Go to https://shiftleft.blazemeter.com


convert loadrunner to selenium


2. Compress your TruClient/HTTP  script directory to a zip file. Upload the zip file to the converter.


3. Let the script conversion tool take it from there.


loadrunner to opensource


4. Once the script conversion is complete, click on “Download from BlazeMeter”. If you need to, sign up to BlazeMeter for free.


loadrunner to selenium quickly


5. Download the compressed converted ZIP file.


free loadrunner converter


6. Open the downloaded file and open the folder named “Your JMeter or Selenium Scripts”.


free loadrunner to open-source


7. Copy the Python files to a folder on your computer.


free loadrunner to selenium


8. Open the Python file in Selenium (install Selenium if necessary). Adjust the script if you need to and run it.


free loadrunner to python converter


That’s it! You just ran your LoadRunner file in Selenium with a few easy steps.


To learn more about switching from LoadRunner to open-source check out these three blog posts:


Convert your scripts to Selenium now.


BlazeMeter also offers free LoadRunner to Selenium and open-source script consultancy services. Click to learn more.


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