Email Distribution Lists
April 21, 2021

BlazeMeter Email Distribution Lists

API Testing

You may be familiar with setting up email notifications in BlazeMeter API Testing to alert you or your specific team members about tests, results, errors, or interesting insights. Based on popular demand from our user community, we are excited to share that email notifications can now also be sent to distribution lists and non-member emails. 

This new addition to BlazeMeter helps further increase collaboration between teams and get everyone on board for improving app quality through API testing and monitoring.

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Why We Added Email Distribution Lists

Why have we added this new capability to Blazemeter API monitoring? Several of our customers have mentioned that they would like to send their API test notifications to their teammates on their distribution lists. However, they were previously unable to add the distribution list itself as a “team member” within their BlazeMeter team. This was particularly true for our customers who are using SAML and SSO. 

In addition, some companies utilize a numbers-based or anonymized naming convention for their employee email addresses (such as, which can make it tricky for users to identify, input and designate their team members’ to receive email notifications. They needed another capability that would bridge this gap.

We aspire to listen to our customers and make testing as easy and frictionless as possible, so we have added this email distribution capability to help solve this problem for our users.  


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Keep Your Distribution Lists in the Loop 

By adding distribution lists and enabling these lists to receive notifications, those who are on the distribution list can still be notified about BlazeMeter tests and test results. This capability also applies to individuals who are not members of the bucket or not registered BlazeMeter users.

To activate this capability, bucket owners can navigate to the Bucket Settings page. These owners can then add one or more distribution lists or non-member emails that can then be used by every API Test within that bucket, as shown below.


Adding custom email addresses to email distribution list in BlazeMeter

The Email Notifications section of each API Test in the bucket will display all the distribution lists or non-member emails specified for that bucket. Test owners can then select one or more of these emails or distribution lists to be notified by email. 

API Testing Bucket

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An Added Layer of Security: Email Domain Whitelists 

The admin of a team can also specify a whitelist of email domains (e.g. or in the Team Settings and Usage page. This is an optional security feature that ensures that only emails that belong to admin-approved domains can be added to buckets to receive test notifications. 

This “bulk” ability saves you a lot of time, as shown below. Instead of manually having to add emails or lists to be notified, this capability helps everyone in the company stay notified about tests.

Email Notification Domain Whitelist

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What Can You Do with API Monitoring?

BlazeMeter’s API monitoring lets you test all your APIs in one place, and combine them with your load tests. BlazeMeter also enables teams to integrate with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, and notify teams about results through tools like email distribution lists, Slack, PagerDuty, and more.

Teams now have a variety of ways to let stakeholders know about issues that arise or just to keep them in the loop.

API monitoring lets you understand exactly how your API is behaving. By creating API tests in minutes with BlazeMeter, you can start monitoring your APIs from early development through production.

By combining BlazeMeter API Monitoring with performance and load testing to stress test your APIs, you can create a complete feedback loop for your API development team.

Use API Monitoring to:

  • Validate data and complex API workflows. Use flexible assertions to verify that your API is returning the correct data. You can also create tests for complex workflows by chaining API requests together.
  • Solve API problems as a team. Instead of switching tools, test all your APIs from a single platform, from development all the way to production. Then, create shareable links for others to see.
  • Ensure a consistent API experience everywhere.  Monitor API performance from 19 different locations across the globe.
  • Shift right to maximize app quality. Increase APIs resiliency, find bugs faster, and fix issues earlier as a team, as part of  your Continuous Testing strategy.

Ready to enhance your API monitoring and to share your results with team members?



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