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October 11, 2023

Doing the Most For Dynamic Values: Auto Correlation Templates

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One of the primary driving forces for BlazeMeter is the desire to make the lives of testers easier. Whether that’s through AI-driven test data tools, offering superior load testing for peak web traffic events, or helping to eliminate test environment bottlenecks, testing teams always find themselves in better hands with BlazeMeter. 

That trend continues with the enhancement of BlazeMeter’sAuto Correlation plugin that now helps teams streamline correlation rule creation and enhance collaboration with templates. Now JMeter tests can be created and executed faster than ever before. 

In this blog, we will discuss what auto correlation is, the evolution of BlazeMeter’s Auto Correlation plugin, and how the addition of templates to the plugin saves users precious time in their testing cycle. 

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What is Auto Correlation?

Auto correlation is a concept in software performance testing that detects dynamic values in the script and offers suggestions for the user. Based on those suggestions, it becomes much easier to create rules and templates to save for future use. 

Traditionally, correlation is a fundamental part of the test creation phase — finding dynamic values in a JMeter script and replacing them so that the script can be re-run successfully in performance tests.  

There are two drawbacks to traditional correlation for test creation: 

  • Manual correlation is a very time-consuming process. 

  • The correlation process is different based on application; dynamic values for Salesforce are different than dynamic values for SAP, for example. 

With BlazeMeter’s Auto Correlation plugin, users experience a vastly improved process with automated correlation rules and a repository of correlation rule templates to streamline correlation. 

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BlazeMeter & Pushing the Dynamic Values Envelope 

As BlazeMeter set out to develop the original Auto Correlation plugin, we knew one thing: Continuous testing is crucial to ensure that software applications are performing optimally. Auto correlation would go a long way in removing a major hindrance to continuous testing. 

That is why we introduced the groundbreaking open-source Auto Correlation JMeter Plugin in May 2023. Our commitment to the open-source community is part of our goal to make the lives of testers and developers easier. 

The plugin was a big step in simplifying and streamlining the correlation process because it eliminated the time-consuming manual identification of and replacement of dynamic values. The plugin auto-proposes changes to correlate identified values for faster test script preparation. Users no longer have to spend hours searching for, identifying, and replacing values — making executing recorded test scripts easier. 

Now, we’ve taken yet another big step forward by implementing templates within the Auto Correlation functionality. 

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Auto Correlation as a Service: What’s New 

By enhancing BlazeMeter’s auto correlation functionality, the Auto Correlation as a Service offering provides two vital components to testing teams: 

  1. Streamlining correlation rule creation. 

  1. Enhancing collaboration with templates. 

This evolution of BlazeMeter’s open-source Auto Correlation Plugin for JMeter is designed to simplify and expedite the handling of dynamic values in recorded test scripts. A centralized BlazeMeter repository for sharing user-created and built-in correlation rule templates makes executing performance tests much faster. 

With Auto Correlation as a Service, users can leverage pre-defined, built-in correlation rule templates and apply them on the recording when using the JMeter recorder plugin. 

With this new offering, teams can get started with auto correlation templates for three options: 

  • SAP 

  • WordPress 

  • Salesforce 

The days of manual correlation are over. Now, with BlazeMeter’s Auto Correlation as a Service templates, testers and developers can focus more on what matters — creating a high-quality, reliable application. 

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Bottom Line 

Time is one of the most precious resources available to developers and testers. How effective a testing strategy is and the quality of the application that is ultimately produced is intrinsically tied to how much time a team has to make it great. 

That is why BlazeMeter continues to lead the way in testing innovation with the latest advancement in its auto correlation offering. Auto Correlation as a Service drastically reduces the time spent on correlating dynamic values for performance testing scripts and simplifies the process of saving and uploading templates. 

Ready to get started? Experience Auto Correlation as a Service by testing with BlazeMeter for free! 

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