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Using Model-Based Testing to Generate BlazeMeter GUI Functional Tests

ARD 3.2 introduces a very exciting integration with the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform. Now you can take advantage of BlazeMeter to execute GUI functional automated tests generated by ARD.

How to Generate A Unique Email Address for Your Test Run with BlazeData

Assure your email address will always be unique with BlazeData. Run BlazeMeter performance tests with the best test data for your needs. 

Enforcing SLAs with BlazeMeter Baseline Tests

Learn how to create a baseline test in BlazeMeter to enforce SLAs and track performance. Start now!

How to Generate Parameterized Email Addresses for Your Test Runs with BlazeData

Learn to reference parameters inside other parameters, to create email addresses. Get valid emails for your software tests.

How to Download & Install Jenkins CI From Scratch

Jenkins-CI is a tool dedicated to Continuous Integration (CI). This article will discuss how to install Jenkins in an environment created from scratch.

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BlazeMeter API Monitoring Tests Can Now Notify Email Distribution Lists

We’re excited to share that email notifications of BlazeMeter API Monitoring Tests can now also be sent to distribution lists and non-member emails. Learn how!

Secure Your Valuables in BlazeMeter API Monitoring

We take security measures very seriously. So we're offering you an additional way to “secure” your valuable information via our Secrets Management feature for your API monitoring tests at BlazeMeter. Here's how.

HTTP Cookie Manager Advanced Usage - A Guide

Learn advanced usage for JMeter’s HTTP Cookie Manager. Master JMeter Cookie load testing and benefit from all the Cookie Manager abilities to test like a pro

How to Use HTTP Basic Authentication in JMeter

Easily learn to use the HTTP Basic Authentication in JMeter. Run your load tests for restricted URLs in no time.

Stress Testing With BlazeMeter: How The New York Times Prepared for the Election Season

In this post, we’ll share the use case of how the New York times prepared for the US elections and what Stress Testing strategies were implemented to prepare their systems.

Using Seed Lists to Generate Realistic Data for Functional Testing in BlazeMeter

BlazeData allows testers to generate production quality synthetic data to use in GUI functional testing. Let’s explore seed lists and how to use them to optimize your testing.

3 Things to Look Out for When Stress Testing Your API

3 things that you should pay special attention to when designing and running your API load tests and how to manage them. Read to become an API testing pro.

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Stress Testing with JMeter and BlazeMeter: A Tutorial

Understanding how our systems respond when they are pushed to their very limits is of great relevance. Let's see how to stress test with JMeter and BlazeMeter.

JMeter Parameterization - The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about how to parameterize your load tests in JMeter. Use CSV files, databases and plugins to make your load tests more efficient.