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Automated Testing with Selenium Using GitHub Actions – A Step-by-Step Guide

With GitHub Actions and Selenium WebDrivers, users can create powerful, quick, and efficient automated testing workflows in the CI/CD environment. Here's how.

IoT and Edge Computing: A Paradigm Shift

What exactly is Edge Computing? And what does it have to do with IoT? This article will answer these questions and discuss implications for system performance testing.

Writing API Tests in Python with Apiritif

Unit tests are a staple of functional software tests. Learn to write unit tests for your API testing with Apiritif and Python. Get started now.

Top 8 Reasons to Use Selenium IDE for Automation Testing

Read this post to better understand the top reasons to use the revamped Selenium IDE for automation testing for your next project.

What Can Perfecto & BlazeMeter Do for You?

With BlazeMeter and Perfecto by Perforce, the marketplace is finally getting a robust choice for a complete continuous testing platform that is cloud-based, enterprise grade, and easy to use.

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IoT Continuous Testing with Jenkins and BlazeMeter

This article introduces a methodology for doing Continuous Testing (CT) with Jenkins and BlazeMeter with a focus on IoT.

Jenkins vs. Bamboo – Battle Of The Best CI/CD Tools

Jenkins or Bamboo- which should you use for CI/CD? Let's look at the pros and cons of each for agile continuous deliveries and continuous testing.

Functional Testing Types: Unit Testing, Sanitary Testing, Smoke Testing, and More

Functional testing is defined as a type of software testing that tests the software’s functionality against functional requirements. What does that mean?

JMeter Non-Gui Testing: Useful Tips

JMeter best practices: read some useful tips about how to transfer from GUI to non-GUI mode and run successful non-GUI performance tests and load tests.

IoT Predictions for 2022

What's next for IoT in 2022? Read the top 5 areas where we expect there to be a heightened level of IoT growth and 3 issues will need to be addresses, like regulation and tools.

How to Setup CI/CD with Jenkins and GitHub - A Comprehensive Guide 

In this article, we will be providing comprehensive insights into CI/CD and Jenkins and how to utilize both of these in parallel for an effective outcome. 

The New BlazeMeter Drone.io Plugin: Performance Testing in the Drone Pipeline

The Drone.io plugin allows you to execute existing BlazeMeter tests and create new tests. It can be used to test your apps after publishing files & artifacts to GitHub Release.

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7 Important Selenium IDE Tips to Make You a Selenium Testing Pro

This article shares seven important Selenium IDE tips so that you can use the software more efficiently and ensure the quality of your code. Read here.

Selenium vs. Puppeteer for Test Automation

Selenium and Puppeteer are two leading test automation tools that allow users to automate web-based application testing. But which one is better for your needs?