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Performance Testing: Upload and Download Scenarios with Apache JMeter

In this article we'll describe how File Upload and Download scenarios can be implemented using JMeter, highlight the areas which may be trickier in this respect and suggest some best practices.

API Performance Testing Tools: JMeter, Taurus, and BlazeMeter

In this article, we discuss different ways of running API Performance Testing using 3 of the most useful performance testing tools: JMeter, Taurus, and BlazeMeter.

JMeterDSL: Bringing Performance Testing Closer to Developers

JMeterDSL enables running JMeter tests as code, making it developer friendly. Here’s how to run performance tests with jmeter-java-dsl.

IP Spoofing with BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter now supports IP Spoofing, enabling our users to test requests coming from a large number of different users. Read on to learn how to run IP Spoofing in BlazeMeter and what you need to do to get started.

An Introduction to GUI Testing

UI testing is a technique that tests the part of the application visible to the user to ensure a good UX. Here's how to get started on your GUI journey.

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Understanding Test Data and Mock Services

BlazeMeter provides a single shift left continuous testing platform. Mock services and test data are important for high quality testing and to help eliminate dependencies. Let’s talk about how test data and mock services work together.

Achieving Observability with BlazeMeter: The Guide

Covering the topic of observability from the perspective of BlazeMeter Performance Testing. Here's where to look for the most meaningful metrics that will enrich your understanding of the health and responsiveness of your application.

Introduction to Locust: A Load Testing Tool in Python

Locust is a Python-based testing tool used for load testing and user behavior simulation. Read this article to learn how to run load tests in Locust.

CircleCI and JMeter Integration: Run Load Tests in Continuous Integration (CI) Processes

In this post we discuss the CircleCI platform and explain how to integrate it with open source JMeter so you can execute load tests in your CI process.

Why your Performance metrics are masked, and how to reveal the real test results

How can you see the real test results? A new feature in BlazeMeter allows you to temporarily eliminate background noises, focus only on requests that succeeded, and see what the test run would look like without errors. 

Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver Main Differences for Testers and Developers

Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver are part of the same Selenium suite and offer developers various testing methods. So what are the main differences between them?

Best Practices for BlazeMeter Private Location Sizing

Private Locations extend BlazeMeter testing and mock service capabilities beyond the native SaaS platform and bring them within a customer-controlled environment. Read more.

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IoT Cloud Platform Solutions: An Overview

This article surveys the top players offering a platform for the IoT ecosystem. We will discuss which services the platforms offer, their costs, and evaluations. Finally, we’ll touch on the factors for choosing an appropriate IoT platform.

Prepare For All Scenarios with Test Data for Performance Tests

Performance testing ensures the application responds under load. In this blog, I’ll explain what test data is, how synthetic test data generation works, and how to leverage test data into your BlazeMeter performance tests.