Choosing a Testing Solution and Making the Switch

Enterprises that have relied on LoadRunner for years are getting more uncomfortable with the recent sale to yet another vendor. They wonder how the product will be supported in the near future and beyond. With planned organizational cuts of $400 million, LoadRunner’s stability and viability are being called into question by many companies. Customers are looking for a lighter, easier, and less costly alternative to help their development and testing teams become more agile and productive. 

We interviewed several enterprise customers who made the switch to BlazeMeter and asked them about their changing testing needs, how their migration went, and lessons learned. We have distilled the key takeaways into this webinar. 

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • The real reasons why companies are moving away from LoadRunner 
  • Why customers are looking to cloud-based and open-source alternatives  
  • The immediate gains you can expect by moving to BlazeMeter and how the migration process works. 
  • And much more… 

Switch from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter

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Bharath Vantari

Bharath Vantari

Solution Engineer, BlazeMeter

Bharath Vantari joined Perforce with the acquisition of Blazemeter as a Technical Consultant in the Presales team. where he delivers solution expertise and successful client engagements across the USA. He is an advisor and a SME on all continuous testing products within Perforce. Bharath comes with significant technical experience on CT product set (i.e. Blazemeter CT) that help in shifting left and how we are helping to automate testing, improve quality, and deliver code more reliably.

Ralph Jazierski

Ralph Jezierski

Client Services Consultant , BlazeMeter

Ralph has been working in the DevOps, continuous  delivery and continuous testing world for more than seven years helping  customers navigate their transformation to becoming more agile. He brings over 30 years’ experience in the IT  industry as a developer, architect and consultant for applications in the  Retail, Oil & Gas and Software industries. His experience working with companies in various industries gives him a  great understanding of the problems Customers are facing and how to bring  People, Process and Technology together to address their challenges.

Steven Borriello

Steven Borriello

Senior Engineering Services Architect, BlazeMeter

Steve helps Fortune 500 enterprises and leading tech companies succeed related to DevOps,
Continuous Testing, "Software Factory" and their path to Continuous Delivery. Steve has 20+ years of experience with complex solution engineering, technical consulting, process improvement and implementation and maintains domain expertise in DevOps, Continuous Testing, Automation, Quality, Application Release and Test Data Management. He is passionate about strategically advising organizations with value driven solutions that mitigate the software testing challenges that affect organizations today. Steve joined Perforce in 2021 with the acquisition of BlazeMeter.

Srdjan Nalis

Srdjan Nalis

Senior Principal Consultant, Perforce

Srdjan Nalis is a Continuous Testing and DevOps specialist with a variety of skills in automation testing tools and processes, with over 20 years of experience in IT. His current work responsibilities among other things include: continues testing strategy, due-diligence, an tools and process implementation/trainings for internal teams. Srdjan is the author of several automation testing patents, a guest speaker on countless tech conferences and a certified trainer for a variety of tools.