Service virtualization has proven itself as a technology that helps teams remove roadblocks and test faster. But service virtualization installations can be heavy, expensive, and complex.

Mocks have also been around that long and provide developers with a quick and dirty way to provide responses during testing. But traditional mocks have their limitations and don’t provide a lot of flexibility.  

Intelligent mocks provide the best of both solutions. You gain the benefits of service virtualization without the complexity. You gain the benefits of mocks with a high degree of flexibility to configure multi-scenario responses during testing.

Koustubh Warty, Engineering Program Manager at BlazeMeter, discusses the key benefits of using intelligent mocks and why your current service virtualization tools may not always be needed.

We’ll cover:

  • Service virtualization vs. traditional mocks.
  • How intelligent mock services compare to traditional service virtualization solutions.
  • How intelligent mocks integrate into your testing pipeline.
  • And much more!

Watch this webinar to learn how intelligent mocks might just be what you’re looking for to improve your continuous testing objectives.

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Koustubh Warty

Koustubh Warty

Product Manager, BlazeMeter by Perforce

Koustubh Warty has extensive experience working with customers from different verticals over the past 22 years. Prior to taking up the Product Management role, he led the SWAT/Customer Advocate team for CA Service Virtualization closely collaborating with customers. With his hands-on approach, he loves talking to customers on technical aspects of the product as well as at a strategic level. Koustubh currently owns the Mock Services component of the BlazeMeter platform.