All the time spent correcting those pesky broken or mismatched HTTP requests just got reduced to a fraction of what it was. With BlazeMeter’s Auto Correlation plugin, testers can accelerate their performance testing process like never before.

The Auto Correlation plugin automatically identifies dynamic elements of your performance test and correlates them for you — drastically improving efficiency and reducing costs. Ditching manual discovery of correlation points frees up team members to focus on what matters most: developing a high-quality app that works as it’s supposed to.

Join BlazeMeter expert Eric Dapp as he delves deeper into what makes Auto Correlation a saving grace for testing teams’ valuable time and resources.  

Nobody ever regrets saving time — testing teams least of all. Watch the webinar today!

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Eric Dapp

Eric Dapp

Adoption Engineer

Eric Dapp is an Adoption Engineer at BlazeMeter and an instructor at the BlazeMeter University. He's got over 3 years experience in performance testing, helping teams realize their performance and automated testing goals.