With planned organizational cuts of $400 million, LoadRunner’s stability and viability are being called into question by many companies. Customers are looking to switch to a lighter, easier, and less costly testing alternative to help their teams become more agile and productive.

In this webinar, Srdjan Nalis of BlazeMeter and Lalit Parkale of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia discuss CommBank’s switch from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter. Take a closer look at what prompts financial services organizations to start exploring LoadRunner alternatives, as well as best practices that can help make your future migration to BlazeMeter a success.

Expect to learn:

  • The challenges of using LoadRunner as a legacy platform.  
  • Why BlazeMeter is an ideal open-source-based LoadRunner alternative.  
  • Best practices to make the transition from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter a success. 

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Lalit Parkale

Lalit Parkale

Senior Product Owner, Commonwealth Bank

Lalit Parkale is the Senior Product Owner at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Lalit has two decades of IT experience working across the globe spanning several industries and companies, including General Motors and Microsoft. He currently leads technology product management to provide world-class quality engineering, testing and SRE capabilities.

Srdjan Nalis

Srdjan Nalis

Senior Principal Consultant, Perforce

Srdjan Nalis is a Continuous Testing and DevOps specialist with a variety of skills in automation testing tools and processes, with over 20 years of experience in IT. His current work responsibilities among other things include: continues testing strategy, due-diligence, an tools and process implementation/trainings for internal teams. Srdjan is the author of several automation testing patents, a guest speaker on countless tech conferences and a certified trainer for a variety of tools.