The year’s busiest shopping season is quickly approaching—do not get caught unprepared when peak traffic comes to your app.

The best way to retain customers is to provide them with a seamless, frictionless shopping experience. Ensure your app is up to the task by load testing early and often. Though Black Friday is but once a year (twice if you count Cyber Monday), you will want to prepare well in advance.

BlazeMeter experts Mimi Benach and Keith Puzey to learn how your team can:

● Ensure your app’s reliability
● Understand common peak load pitfalls
● Learn the best practices for preparing heavy traffic events like Black Friday

When peak traffic season rolls around, feel confident in knowing your customers will be satisfied, your brand reputation is spotless, and your competitors are outshined. Watch this webinar today.

keith puzey

Keith Puzey

Automation Tester, BlazeMeter

Keith is a member of the customer-facing BlazeMeter engineering team and has specialised in test and release automation for over 10 years.

Bharath Vantari

Bharath Vantari

Solution Engineer, BlazeMeter

Bharath Vantari joined Perforce with the acquisition of Blazemeter as a Technical Consultant in the Presales team. where he delivers solution expertise and successful client engagements across the USA. He is an advisor and a SME on all continuous testing products within Perforce. Bharath comes with significant technical experience on CT product set (i.e. Blazemeter CT) that help in shifting left and how we are helping to automate testing, improve quality, and deliver code more reliably.