Welcome to BlazeMeter by Perforce. This handbook is your guide to getting help using BlazeMeter.

BlazeMeter’s Global Support Team is available 24 x 7 to assist you with your support needs. From answering questions about our product to assisting with troubleshooting, BlazeMeter Support is there to help you get the most from your BlazeMeter experience.

NOTE: Nothing in this document supersedes your current contract with Perforce.

What Are The Various Levels Of Support That Blazemeter Offers?

BlazeMeter provides two levels of support. Our standard level of support is detailed in our SAAS (Software as a Service) Agreement. Enterprise contracts may include our premium level of support.

How Do I Contact Support?

BlazeMeter offers support services from the in-product Help widget, via email, and via web portal. We recommend using the in-product help widget as that will give us the most background information that we will use to quickly handle your case.

Help Widget

Opening a ticket via the Help Widget is easy -- just follow these brief steps:

1. In BlazeMeter, Click on the 'Help Center' icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

Help Center

2. Click on 'Support Tickets'.

Support Tickets

3. Click on 'Create New Ticket'.

Create New Ticket

4. Enter the subject and description of your issue and attach any image or file that might be helpful to our investigation. Meanwhile, we will provide the top Knowledge Base articles which you might find helpful regarding your query.

Enter the subject

5. If the Knowledge Base articles are not helpful to you, by hitting the 'Submit Ticket' button you will be opening a new support ticket. Your name and Email address are already included.

Please Note:

We will receive the URL of the exact page in which you were at when opening this ticket, so if you are referring to a specific test/session, it is best to open the ticket while viewing that report so we will get its URL automatically and have the perfect reference for your issue.



You can always open support tickets by sending email to support-blazemeter@perforce.com
. You will receive an auto-response with your case number which you can reply to with any additional information related to your case.

To ensure the best quality of service, please open support tickets using the email address that is associated with the BlazeMeter account that you experienced the issue using if possible. This will allow us to see vital information associated with your account that can speed up the time to resolution for your issue.

If you have issues regarding a specific BlazeMeter test, make sure you have provided us with a Test or Report’s URL to examine. If your issue relates to an API (Application Program Interface) Monitoring (Runscope) Test, please be sure to share a test result (https://help.blazemeter.com/docs/guide/api-monitoring-sharing-test-results.html).

Web Portal

You can also create a support ticket at https://portal.perforce.com/s/contactsupport and filling out the support form.

Web Portal

Please note that you can follow up on your ticket status from here: https://portal.perforce.com/s/

What Times Of The Day Is Support Available?

BlazeMeter Support has staff in offices around the globe (US West Coast, US East Coast, Bulgaria, Israel, and India). Regular support business hours are from 6am to 6pm Pacific time. On call support is available Friday nights and Saturdays only for blocker issues for core clients. 

How Can I Get Support After Hours And On Weekends?

BlazeMeter support engineers are on duty 24x7x365.

Can I View My Open Cases?

You may review all your open cases on the Customer Portal (https://portal.perforce.com/s/) You may also use the Case Portal to open new cases or communicate with the BlazeMeter Support Team about open cases. Your password for the Customer Portal is separate from your BlazeMeter sign-in.

What Are The Different Case Severity Levels?
Emergency/UrgentOutage. Causing downtime or preventing the complete system from functioningSubscription Service is unavailable; more than 80% of Hardware is unavailableSubscription Service availability is restored
Severity Level 1

Causes downtime of significant functionality or significantly affects the major portion of the system’s capacity.60% of available Hardware is inoperative; 60% of Test Suite inoperativeSatisfactory workaround is provided; patch is provided; fix incorporated into future release 
Severity Level 2 Major / NormalEffects non-critical functionality or causes downtime of a non-critical of the system capacityOne piece of Hardware is down; Browsing in one piece of Hardware is not functioningSatisfactory workaround is provided; patch is provided; fix incorporated into future release
Severity Level 3 Minor/LowMinor problem that does not impact the serviceReport starting time is incorrectA solution is provided; fix incorporated into future release
Enhancement/ Information RequestQuestions, General Guidance, Support InquiriesHow to configure testing tool, OS (Operating System) Support InquiryAnswer to question is provided; feature incorporated into future release; Developers Site update
What Service Level Objectives Are In Place?

Malfunction / Problem / Issue

“Something isn’t working, and I don’t know why.”

SeverityResponse TimeResolution Time Objective
Emergency/Urgent30 min2 Hours
Severity Level 1 Major/High30 min8 Hours
Severity Level 2 Medium/ Normal4 Hours2 Business Days
Severity Level 3 Minor/Low8 Hours5 Business Days

Product Defects / Bugs

Something is not working because of a problem in BlazeMeter’s code.

SeverityResponse TimeResolution Time Objective
Emergency/Urgent30 minHot Fix (patch)
Severity Level 1 Major/High30 minFuture Release
Severity Level 2 Medium/ Normal4 HoursFuture Release
Severity Level 3 Minor/Low8 HoursFuture Release

Information and Enhancement Requests

SeverityExampleResponse TimeResolution Time Objective
Enhancement/Feature RequestRequest for a new feature or enhancement to the product1 Business DayFuture release
Information RequestRoutine questions, general guidance, configuration inquiries8 Hours7 Days
How Do I Obtain My Software?

BlazeMeter is a SaaS (Software as a Service) base service. Your software will run in BlazeMeter’s cloud.

How Do I Obtain My Licenses?

As BlazeMeter is a SaaS product, licensing is according to your entitlement. No action by the customer is required. When you sign up for a BlazeMeter account, you create your own credentials. If your account is current, then you will have access to the system

What Releases Of The Software Are Supported?

Cloud-based components will be updated automatically. On premise components (Agents) follow image version compliance & backwards compatibility as referenced here.

When Are My Maintenance Windows?

BlazeMeter will periodically publish new releases as well as carry out upgrades and maintenance of the system infrastructure to roll out new features and improve stability and security. You can subscribe to notifications about planned upgrades on the BlazeMeter status page.

Maintenance Window

Planned maintenance notifications outside of standard upgrades will be emailed to you within five business days of the start date.

BlazeMeter may occasionally need to perform emergency maintenance. BlazeMeter Support will exercise reasonable effort to notify you twelve hours in advance by email. However, such notice is not guaranteed.

BlazeMeter may occasionally be required to install relevant security patches in accordance with our patch management policy, as part of either planned or emergency maintenance activity. You will be notified in accordance with the maintenance type, as stated above.

How Can I Check The Cloud Status?

On the rare occasion that your cloud is experiencing an outage, BlazeMeter will update our Status Page which can be found here (BlazeMeter Status Page.) If the status page does not indicate an outage and you think you are experiencing one, please contact BlazeMeter Support.

What Training Is Available?

TAM (Technical Account Manager) Onboarding – Our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are available to help you use BlazeMeter. They will help put together a plan for using BlazeMeter successfully to meet your goals. Your CSM (Customer Success Manager) or BlazeMeter Support can put you in contact with your TAM.

BlazeMeter Professional Services – We have an evolving set of classes that are taught by our Professional Services team. Contact your CSM or Sales to explore the options that work best for you.

Getting started with BlazeMeter is an online guide to using BlazeMeter. Whether you are doing manual or automated testing, the guide will walk you through the first steps of using BlazeMeter.

BlazeMeter University – BlazeMeter University is a collection of online, self-paced courses with which you can develop your Open Source, DevOps, or BlazeMeter skills.

Is There Self Help Available?

BlazeMeter Knowledge Base & Documentation – The KB is your first stop for advanced problem solving and ‘how to’ questions. We are always updating it. Checking the KB before opening a new case may result in a faster resolution of your problems.

BlazeMeter API Documentation – Documentation for using the BlazeMeter APIs (application programming interfaces) is available here.

BlazeMeter Changelog – New features and changes in functionality are announced in our Changelog. Feel free to ask a support engineer about anything you read in the Changelog.

BlazeMeter University – BlazeMeter University is a collection of online, self-paced courses with which you can develop your Open Source, DevOps, or BlazeMeter skills.

How Do I Get Help Beyond Blazemeter Support?

Sometimes your problem will be traced to issues with software that is not under the control of BlazeMeter (e.g., open-source software and networking.) OpenLogic is a Perforce company that provides support for open-source software. Contact your CSM or Sales to see if OpenLogic can help you with non-BlazeMeter problems.