[Performance] Filtering labels in Executive Summary

Occasionally when sharing Exec Summary with a team member or a manager, you need to focus on specific data in the test. And when it comes to large tests, with hundreds of labels (BlazeMeter supports up to 900 labels in a test) - the ability to emphasize specific labels is almost mandatory. 

Starting this month, we’ve added filtering capabilities to the Aggregate Report section of the Executive Summary. Simply generate the report, select the label(s) you want to focus on, and the data will change accordingly.  

[Mock Services] Select All option for transaction lists

The number of transactions you create for your Mock Services grows over time and as a result you deal with having to manage tens or hundreds of transactions. Which may be a tedious task, especially when you need to perform any bulk actions like tagging or moving on your transactions. 

Therefore we have added a new “Select All” option to make your life easier when dealing with bigger collections of transactions and the bulk actions performed on them. 

[Test Data] Built-in US SSN data generator function

BlazeMeter now provides a built-in synthetic data generator function for generating US social security numbers that conform to the rules and format of US SSNs. There are two functions for that: Use usSsn() to generate SSNs in the format used before 2011 which may be driven by an area code. Or use usSsnNew() for SSNs in the format used after 2011. Check our Test Data Generator Functions reference guide for more details.