[Test Data] Suggest parameters based on CSV Data Set Config settings in JMeter 

If an already existing JMeter file declares a dependency on test data in a CSV file and this JMeter file is uploaded to BlazeMeter, BlazeMeter now recognizes which parameters the JMeter test expects from the variable name definition inside the JMeter script and automatically creates a data entity with these parameters. What’s more – BlazeMeter attempts to guess what kind of data will be expected based on the variable name and suggests a suitable synthetic generator function that the user can leverage straight ahead. 




[Test Data] “Wait and Repeat” Test Data Orchestration action 

Test Data Orchestration can push or pull test data from remote systems and storages via API calls and merge these with the test data model attached to the test. Sometimes, the API processing on the remote system takes time, and the orchestration has to wait until the remote system is ready for the next step. The new “Wait and Repeat” response action was added to support this behavior in Test Data Orchestration. 

[Test Data] Better iterations controls for Test Data Orchestration actions 

Typically, Test Data Orchestration requests are run via iterations to write or read x number of test data entries. But in some cases – like in the case of the initial authentication to the system, not all API calls need to be repeated in every iteration. Users can now selectively configure which steps of Test Data Orchestration run just once, and which steps will be executed for every data entry.