[Mock Services] One-click access to the matched transaction from Inspection view

The Inspection view is an essential tool to figure out which network traffic was matched by your Mock Service, and which was not. If the traffic was matched, it is always important to know which transaction was responsible for that match, and you may want to review its matching rules. Now this is easier than ever because the matching transaction ID is clickable, and when clicked, it directly opens the transaction definition in a pop-up dialog. 

One-click access to the matched transaction from Inspection view

[Mock Services] Mock asynchronous webhook calls

Do external dependencies give you trouble when testing? Create a Mock Service for them! Do these dependencies send asynchronous webhook calls? Mock them as well! BlazeMeter Mock Services now support the ability to make asynchronous HTTP requests on their own to fully simulate webhook flows. Just go to the definition of your transaction and create a new webhook, which is the first of our newly introduced Transaction Processing Actions.

Mock asynchronous webhook calls

[Test Data] New built-in seedlists available

BlazeMeter Test Data helps you manage test data and generate new test data synthetically as needed. One of the ways that BlazeMeter is used for generating realistically looking data is to use built-in seedlists. Seedlists contain sample first names, addresses, country names, ... Now, we are extending our repertoire of more than 50 seedlists by the following new ones: US banks, US manufacturer companies, US retail companies, S&P500 companies, US states, and colors. Check out more details in the BlazeMeter Guide.