[Performance/Taurus] Automation Enhancement: Fail tests against the Baseline when running from Taurus

One of the most useful things about having a baseline to compare with, and fail the test in comparison to it (baseline-based failure criteria), is to have more accurate failures when automating your tests. 

If you are automating your BlazeMeter tests via Taurus (running on the Cloud), now you can define baseline-based failure criteria in the YAML and have your test fail automatically in BlazeMeter. 

Check out BlazeMeter documentation to learn more about this feature. 

Automation Enhancement

[Mock Services] Helper Wizards for Request Matching and Dynamic Response Creation

The help wizards for XPath and JSON Path help you generate XPaths and JSON Paths for request matchers in a transaction so you don't have to enter the path manually. Just specify what type of value to match in tree-based selection fields and the path is generated for you.

The help wizard for responses helps you create dynamic values (Magic Strings) in the response content. The information is pulled from the request and rendered on the response so you don't have to worry about entering the syntax manually. 

Check out the docs to learn more.


[Mock Services] Cloning Transactions


You can now clone Transactions that are under a specific service to a new service. You can also find and replace a specific text in Transactions while cloning. Moreover, you can create a Mock Service that contains all the transactions that have been cloned.



[Mock Services] OpenShift Support for BlazeMeter Agent for Kubernetes

Mock Services now support the OpenShift Container Platform web console. You can create a new project, create a role for an agent and deploy the agent using OpenShift. You can then deploy Mock Services to your Private location as usual.

Check out the docs to learn more.


[Mock Services] Rename or Delete a Service

If you are a workspace manager or an administrator, you can now rename and delete services. See the docs for more info.


[Mock Services] Dependency on SV Bridge Component Removed for BlazeVSE

We removed the dependency on SV Bridge component for BlazeVSE. You don't need to enable SV Bridge anymore unless you want to use that bridge to connect to enterprise SV. More info here.