Dedicated IPs are now detailed in the Engines Health tab

We added the used dedicated IP to the Load Engines dropdown so users can now easily locate the relevant Load Engine associated to their test that is running.

Dedicated IPs are now detailed in the Engines Health tab


Improved Graphs

We upgraded our graphs library with  a better visual experience.  We also improved the functionality to download graph images. 


Improved authentication process

We have improved our authentication process and now offer a more secure way to log in with Two Factor Authentication (2FA). We also enhanced our Single Sign On (SSO) experience.


Taurus 1.13.7 now supported

We’ve upgraded our engine images to support Taurus 1.13.7


Blocking testers from accessing Private Location’s configuration

In order to improve the product’s security, users with a “Tester” role won’t be able to modify the configuration of Private Locations.


Find tests quicker with sizeable columns in project’s test view

We added the option to modify the columns size for the tests’ table in a project, so it is easier to look for tests with long data (name, description, locations, etc).


Sizeable Table


Compare reports between projects

You asked for it, and now you can do it - we've added the ability to compare reports between different projects instead of limiting you to the specific project the report is located at.

Compare Report