What’s new for January 2024? 

[Performance]: Engine Health Metrics – Alerts & Recommendations for Private Locations 

BlazeMeter’s real-time Engine Health - Alerts & Recommendations feature covers any test run that was configured to run with Cloud Locations. 

We’ve further enhanced BlazeMeter’s monitoring capabilities to a level that allows us to accurately measure the CPU and Memory levels of Private Locations (K8s and Docker). 

Furthermore, BlazeMeter’s Engine Health - Alerts & Recommendations feature has been enhanced to support both Cloud Locations and Private Locations. The same logic applies to both: 

  • The alert thresholds have been set at 80% for CPU and 85% for memory. These thresholds are calculated using a 60-second moving average of data points collected throughout the test duration for each engine. If the average of the 60-second moving averages recorded throughout the entire test duration exceeds the threshold for a specific resource type (CPU or memory), an on-screen real-time alert will be triggered.  
  • During runtime, these alerts include a link to the Engine Health tab. We have introduced filters in this tab to detect engines with high levels of CPU or memory, streamlining the debugging process for more effectiveness. 
  • Upon completion of the test, a recommendation screen will be available, providing suggestions to automatically remedy high CPU issues for relevant scenarios. Accepting each recommendation will dynamically adjust the Max Number of Users per engine value, a change that is highly likely to improve CPU utilization in future test runs. 

[API Testing & Monitoring]: Postman Collections Import now supports bulk import from ZIP file 

The import feature had posed a bottleneck for enterprise customers looking to migrate from Postman to BlazeMeter. That's why we've introduced bulk import functionality. Postman allows users to export all data into a ZIP file, and now we can efficiently process this file to import all collections at once!