[Performance] Not enough resources  

If you run performance tests on a private location, you have probably got a “Not Enough Resources” error when trying to run your tests - at least once. There can be many reasons for a test to fail running on a private location, like zero active agents or zero agents defined... but most of the time, it’s because the private location doesn’t have enough capacity or virtual users to run the test. 

We’ve turned this error into an actionable insight, by additional information and advised next steps; We’ve added the name of the private location - because there can be more than one in the test, a link to the private location configuration – for easy access, and the number of users the test needs from the private location. But most importantly, we’re now differentiating between cases when other tests are running in parallel and consuming the private location resources, and cases when the private location is simply configured to run less users than requested in the test. This differentiation clarifies whether waiting a bit would solve the problem, or the private location configuration must be changed. 

With this additional information you can now quickly and easily understand the problem and fix it!