We enhanced the Requests Stats Tab just for you!


We’ve upgraded the UX in the report’s requests stats tab to make it easier to customize, including an easier way to navigate between the pages, adapting the number of results per page and a new, advanced way to filter & sort your labels!

We enhanced the Requests Stats Tab just for you!
Stats Tab filter


Account disabled notification screen

Sometimes, due to security or financial reasons, accounts can get disabled. In order to notify you, we created a new page that will show once an account you are part of is disabled. If this happens, please follow the instructions on the page to enable your account.

Account disabled notification screen

New booting screen improvements

We fixed bugs and improved flows based on your feedback including adding a scenario filter, naming EUX sessions, and more!


Infrastructure upgrade

We have successfully finished upgrading our database infrastructure to further enhance  performance and data security.


Mock Services: Support for Dynamic Responses

Mock Services already are a powerful tool to eliminate testing constraints such as unavailable  services or third party systems.  With the introduction of Dynamic Responses, we  have made Mock Services more robust and easier to use.  Now you can configure your transactions to respond based on the information that was shared in the request.  For example, if you were looking up an account based on a user ID, you do not need to create transactions for different IDs but can pass the ID from the request and ensure the response will include whatever ID was provided. Click here for BlazeMeter Docs for more information on how to utilize this feature.


Mock Services: Limit Port Ranges Supported

We recently introduced the capability to limit the port range that is allowed when spinning up a Mock Service.  Please make sure the range is wide enough to accommodate all the Mock Services you would like to run. Click here for BlazeMeter Docs to learn more.