What’s new for December 2023? 

[Performance]: Apply "sliding window" on all Failure Criteria with a single click 

We’ve recently released enhancements for the Sliding Window option, including the support of the “Stop” order from Taurus. This sprint, we’ve added the ability to configure a “sliding window” on all failure criteria at once. This allows users that want all failure criteria to stop the test – can configure that quickly with minimal clicks. 


[Performance]: Datadog APM integration – sending BlazeMeter data to Datadog 

With Datadog APM becoming a notable APM in the industry, and reflecting on its importance and value to our esteemed customers (such as Disney, PwC, HomeSite – and many more), we’ve taken a proactive step forward. The first version of the integration included displaying Datadog metrics in the Timeline report.  

Now, with the second version of the integration, users can also send BlazeMeter row data to Datadog, so that they can manipulate the test data in Datadog dashboards.