What’s new for December 2022? 

[Performance] Authentication via token is now supported in AppDynamics Integration 

Token authentication is now supported in the AppDynamics integration; Customers using the SaaS version of AppDynamics can now choose to configure their AppDynamics account with a token.  

The authentication method selection is available upon creation of a new AppDynamics account and on edit of an existing account.  

The token provided by AppDynamics has an expiration date. Updating the token is supported both through the UI on the edit screen and through API. 

[Test Data] Extend CSV rows by synthetic data 

BlazeMeter Test Data enables to create "Smart CSVs" where a static CSV file could be extended by dynamic columns based on synthetic data. BlazeMeter newly introduces an option to adds synthetically generated rows to the existing CSV file - effectively extending the original content by any number of synthetic rows to achieve desired quantity of data. This could be achieved by valueOfCSV() function using an optional parameter specifying which synthetic function will be used to extend CSV – e.g. valueOfCSV("data.csv", "firstName", randText(3,10) ) 

See the BlazeMeter Test Data generator functions documentation for more details. 


[API Monitoring] User Management APIs 

There are new APIs added for API Monitoring users and team management - so the following functionalities are now available via APIs. 

Look up user in a given team 

Look up group membership of a given user 

Invite user to team 

Remove user from team 


See API Guide for mode details about the above endpoints.