August 2023

Streamlined Payment Process with MFA/3DS Support 

If your credit card regulations require MFA/3DS authentication, you may have encountered subscription issues when trying to sign up for our Basic or Pro plans. We’re excited to share that we have now incorporated MFA/3DS support, ensuring a smooth and secure subscription process. This enhancement allows you to confidently subscribe to the plans you need, knowing your payment is compliant and your data is protected. 

Configure Sliding Windows for Each Failure Criteria 

We’ve added the ability to configure sliding window evaluations directly within each failure criteria. Previously, the “Evaluate last 1-minute window” setting applied globally to all failure criteria. 

Now you can: 

  • Enable/disable sliding window per failure criteria 
  • Progressively stop tests based on granular sliding windows 

This enhancement brings us closer to fully converting Taurus pass/fail orders into BlazeMeter failure criteria – and to completely automating CI/CD workflows within BlazeMeter. 



Enhanced Performance on Basic plan for 1K VU Tests 

Our Basic plan now offers an even more robust testing environment for you. By doubling the number of load generators, we have significantly improved the experience of running tests with 1,000 concurrent users. This enhancement enables you to obtain more accurate and actionable results within the framework of your chosen plan. Elevate your testing endeavors and uncover new possibilities with BlazeMeter. 

Introducing: Auto Correlation as a Service - Taking Open Source to the Next Level! 

BlazeMeter is elevating the JMeter Auto Correlation Recorder experience!  

Contributing to open source is a part of our DNA at BlazeMeter. A great example is our contributions to the JMeter Correlation Plugin over the years. This year, our main contribution has been adding Auto Correlation capabilities to the open source JMeter extension. And we didn’t stop there! We’re thrilled to introduce Auto Correlation as a Service 

All BlazeMeter users now have access to this new feature that allows storing and managing Correlation Rule Templates in a centralized repository. This makes collaboration across your entire team as easy as pie by saving time and resources. In addition, enterprise customers get access to an ever-growing repository of Auto Correlation Rule Templates. These save tremendous amounts of time when creating tests for applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Siebel, and many more. You also get access to Correlation Rule Templates created by the entire BlazeMeter community. Check out the Correlation Rule Templates repository in your Workspace Management Console under Workspace Settings. Experience a smooth start to creating tests like never before with the BlazeMeter Auto Correlation Service! Click here to learn more about how to get started.