[General] Crane Logs 

Private Location Manager: The Agent Log
To investigate agent failure, view the logs and debug issues in real time, you can now enable the agent log for your existing private locations. For newly created private locations, the agent log is ON by default. You can also download the agent log file for the last two weeks. For more information, see the documentation.


[GUI Functional] New browser added - Microsoft Edge 

In addition to Chrome and Firefox we’ve added Microsoft Edge. This is Chromium based Edge, which runs in Linux OS. Now you can run your GUI Functional tests in Microsoft Edge browser, which is already available on Public Locations.

For Private Locations, just select Microsoft Edge at Functionalities tab of Private location configuration. If you have auto update disabled for your Location, you will need to install the image manually.

New browser added - Microsoft Edge

[Mock Services] Export All Transactions in a Service to JSON


You can now export all Transactions that are under a specific service to a JSON file. You can also import all the Transactions that are in the Exported JSON file.

To learn more, see the documentation.

[API Monitoring] [API Testing & Monitoring] API Monitoring Test Results API Enhanced to include Subtests Details

In BlazeMeter API Monitoring tests, Subtest steps can run other BlazeMeter API Monitoring tests as part of a test run. This is useful for reusing tests that perform common functionality like generating a new access token, setup/teardown or creating suites or groups of tests.

The Test Results API has been enhanced to also list the total number of Subtests, the number of Subtests passed and failed and details of each Subtest step including the name, result, Test Ids and start and end times.

API Monitoring Test Results