[General] Sharing Private Locations across Workspaces 

Sharing and unsharing Private Locations across Workspaces is now available directly through the UI (Settings > Account > Private Locations). 

Having the ability to decide which Private Locations should be shared with which Workspaces can contribute to better optimization and utilization of resources across the Account. 

Follow BlazeMeter’s Guide for more details on the new Private Location screen and on how to share, unshare and permanently delete a Private Location. 

Sharing Private Locations across Workspaces

[Test Data] Direct use of Service Data to drive tests 

Adding data driven Mock Services to tests allows to ensure that test data and mock service data are consistent and aligned where needed. In case, a test could be driven by a shared data model already provided by an associated Mock Service, BlazeMeter now recognizes that case and gives you an option to use Service data directly to drive the test.

Direct use of Service Data to drive tests

[Mock Services] Additional Mock Services reports: Hits and Misses, Response time and Transaction/second throughput 

Mock Services Analytics tab for transactional Mock Services now contains additional three reports besides recently introduced “Transactions Daily Counts” report. Three new reports are Hits and Misses to display ratio of matched/not matched requests; Response time to provide data about how much time Mock Services took to respond back; and Transaction/second to display Mock Service throughput per second. 

All these new reports are available in “Reporting” tab in an Analytics card of your Mock Service.

Additional Mock Services reports

[Mock Services] “Quick add” action for moving transactions to Mock Services 

Mock Services transactions shuttle control now provides easier and quicker way how to select transactions hosted in Mock Service. It is no longer needed to check transaction selection checkbox, then locate move button and click on it. You can use quick action to move transaction by a single click.

transactions to Mock Services

[Mock Services] Test Data parameters available in Edit Wizard for transaction response 

When dealing with long JSON or XML response bodies, the Edit Wizard for transaction response body is very helpful tool to find a particular value node in the response body and parametrize its value. Edit Wizard now provides list of available service data entities and parameters including preview of their values to streamline making transactions responses to be data-driven. 

Edit Wizard