[JMeter] Fixed Parallel controller plugin for JMeter versions > 5.2

Parallel controller plugin now compatible with latest versions of JMeter.

Issue link: https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=64618

[GUI Functional testing] Location and browsers configuration is now available on a Test Suite level

After grouping individual GUI Functional tests into a Test Suite you may want to change location and browsers on a Test Suite level, so that all of the tests inside a Test Suite are executed on the same location and browsers. Previously, you would change location and browsers for each of the tests in a Suite.

Setting a location and browsers for a Test Suite will not affect individual test configuration. In other words, you may have different location and browsers set on individual test level and on Test Suite level.

Location and browsers

[GUI Functional testing] New browser versions now available 

We’ve added new browser versions including Chrome version 90, and Firefox version 88 - these versions are set as default.

New browser versions

[API Monitoring] Secrets Management at the Bucket Level

We have enhanced the API Monitoring Secrets Management feature to also support secrets at the bucket level. Each bucket can now have secrets that are not shared with other buckets. Secrets specified at a bucket level can only be used by Tests in that bucket. 

Secrets Management

Secrets specified at the team level can continue to be used by Tests in all buckets. Check out the docs to learn more. Requires a qualifying plan.


[API Monitoring] Test Notifications now support Emails to Distribution Lists or Non-Member Emails

We have enhanced email notifications for API Monitoring Tests to also support sending notifications to email distribution lists or non-member emails. 

First the owner of a team must specify a whitelist of email domains (e.g. mycompany.com,xyz.com) in the Team Settings and Usage page. This ensures that only emails that belong to admin-approved domains can be added to buckets to receive test notifications.

Test Notifications

Bucket owners can navigate to the Bucket Settings page and add one or more distribution lists or non-member emails that can then be used by every API Test within that bucket.

Test Notifications

The Email Notifications section of each API Test in the bucket will display all the distribution lists or non-member emails specified for that bucket. Test owners can select one or more of these emails or distribution lists to be notified.

Test Notifications

Check out the docs to learn more. Requires a qualifying plan. Contact Sales to add Custom Email Notifications to your account.


[Mock Services] Search transaction by ID

Searching for a particular Mock Services transaction is a very common task. You need to find the right one in order to edit its response, and add it to your running Mock Service, or to double-check whether it is part of your Mock Service template or not.

Up until today, you could only search transactions by name or tag. However, a transaction name could be long and complex and the tags may not be unique. On the other hand, a transaction ID is unique and short. BlazeMeter now enables you to search transactions by transaction ID.

Search transaction by ID
Search transaction by ID

[Test Data Management] Share test data models within workspace

Test data models defined in Scriptless tests are now re-usable between Scriptless tests and no longer tied to one particular test. With the ability to save and open the test data model, you can now save the test data model in your workspace and load it into a different test within the same workspace.

 Share test data models
 Share test data models

[Test Data Management] Export/Import test data models

You can now export test data models into files, store them in an external system and let other teams import them into their workspaces.


[Test Data Management] Download generated data as CSV file

Every test data model can be now downloaded as a CSV file, even before the test is executed. You can review generated data in a CSV file, make adjustments where needed, or use this CSV file as test data input for your other tests.

Download generated data as CSV file

[Test Data Management] Integration with Broadcom Test Data Manager Find & Reserve feature

In many cases, test data may be already seeded in a database within your test environment. You can now use the integration with Broadcom Test Data Manager (TDM). Find & Reserve models defined in your TDM can be linked to BlazeMeter Scriptless tests including the ability to provide specific search query criteria to narrow down your test data sets. Prior to the test execution, the BlazeMeter Scriptless test retrieves test data from the database via TDM according to the Find & Reserve model and criteria specification.

Test Data Manager
Test Data Manager