Account Admins: Full Visibility on Current Usage

For a BlazeMeter account admin, it’s important to have full visibility on the usage and resource utilization on the account level. The new admin view can be accessed from the top-right from any workspace dashboard, and allows account admins to see all tests that are currently running, including their details. Account admins can also choose to stop any tests directly in this new admin view. We are expanding this admin view to include more information such as location utilization.



Support for search in projects page

Have access to tens of projects and you can’t find the one you are looking for? In order to help you navigate and find your projects, we’ve added a  search capability in the projects page to easily find what you are looking for.



New default location

We modified the default location in the new created test to be US East (Virginia) in Google Cloud. You can then choose your desired location from the same list.