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blazemeter changelog


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Everyone can submit ideas. Paid customers can also search, vote-up and subscribe to be notified of comments and status changes from within our new ideas portal. Learn more about the Ideas portal and your opportunity to impact our roadmap here.

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Filter previous tests runs in the Test History page


Failure Criteria filtering is now available on both the Dashboard and individual Test History pages. The default view shows “All” and you can filter by “Passed”, “Failed” or “Not Set”:

Filter previous tests runs in the Test History page


New Cloud Location: Google Sao Paulo, Brazil


We continue to expand our geographic diversity.  Recently we doubled our Azure locations and this week we are adding Google’s Sao Paulo, Brazil location. You can always see the full list by viewing the locations drop-down in an test create/edit screen.


BlazeMeter Jenkins Plugin updated


The Jenkins plugin for BlazeMeter is now workspace aware: select a workspace during job configuration to fetch tests specific to that workspace.  We’ve also added average throughput and 90%responsetime to the metrics in the aggregatereport.


Details and previous updates in the plugin changelog on github.