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We offer:

Script Services

We provide a combination of training and implementation services to help you hit the ground running with BlazeMeter and performance testing.

Script Services

With our Performance Testing Acceleration program, we will transform your user scenarios into performance testing scripts you can run in BlazeMeter. We can also help you convert your LoadRunner scripts.

Migration Services

We simplify moving from your legacy testing platform, such as LoadRunner, to BlazeMeter — and accelerate your project timelines through our proven process.

Manage Events

We're here for your most critical testing events. We'll also tell you our secrets so you know how to handle them in the future.

Consulting Sessions

Consulting Sessions

We will review your scripts, support you and guide you on how to use and leverage the best testing tools for you.

Training Sessions

Training Sessions

We will enable you on JMeter and Taurus to create your scripts and how to scale and run them in BlazeMeter.

Why BlazeMeter Consulting and Professional Services?

Open Source Expertise

Open Source Expertise

We know open source testing tools and best practices inside out: we are deeply involved in open source communities, we have created tens of thousands of scripts and we constantly research them.



Don’t wait. Get your performance tests up and running immediately and save time and resources.

An Easy Start

An Easy Start

Shorten the learning curve and let us give you a hand. Once you’re all set up and trained, you’ll be able to tackle new projects on your own.

Testing Enablement

Testing Enablement

“Teach people to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”. We’re here to help you run the show: we’ll train you, accompany you and consult you, so you have the knowledge to fly solo.

Our services:

Onboarding Services

We offer three onboarding packages to accelerate your success with BlazeMeter. No matter where you’re at with performance testing or the type of assistance you need to get started, we can help.

Quick Start Onboarding

12-hour basic intro session, both training/implementation

Designed for a team that needs an overview and introductory course to get jump-started. Includes basic training as well as implementation components covering up to three private locations. We’ll automate one existing BlazeMeter test in your CI/CD pipeline.

Advanced Onboarding

60-hour deep-dive, both training/implementation

Designed for a team with specific testing needs that wants the most in-depth knowledge of their open source testing tools. We’ll even design and create one new BlazeMeter test script scenario for you and add to your automation pipeline.

Custom Enterprise Onboarding

You define your onboarding needs, we deliver

Perfect for larger teams, enterprises with dispersed teams, or those with highly specialized requirements. We’ll tailor your onboarding to cover anything from our Advanced Onboarding, plus add in customized training, script and test resource development, or implementation services.

Scripting Services

Through our Performance Testing Acceleration Program, we will turn your user scenarios into an automated performance test that ensures your website or app doesn’t crash. Our scripting services include:

  • Building a JMeter script – We take your user scenarios and create JMeter or Taurus scripts that you can run in BlazeMeter.
  • A hand-off session – We’ll deliver the scripts and walk you through them, to make sure you are on top of it.
  • LoadRunner/Performance Center script conversion - We'll convert your VuGen/TruClient scripts to open source JMeter or Taurus, so you can start shifting left.
  • JMeter Plugin Development – We can design and develop a custom enhancement to JMeter to meet your testing needs.
Migration Services

Migration Services

Based on successful migration projects we’ve completed with a variety of clients, we know what it takes to transition you from LoadRunner and bring you up to speed quickly with BlazeMeter. Through our migration services, we provide:

  • Scripting services – We convert your LoadRunner scripts to JMeter, Taurus, Selenium, and BlazeMeter.
  • Advanced training – Come up to speed faster so your users can begin working independently early in your transition to BlazeMeter.
  • Test Support and Consulting Services – We provide scheduled cadence meetings as you begin performance testing with BlazeMeter.

Managed Test Event

Critical tests ahead? We’re here to manage them with you.

  • Calibration – Verifying the ideal configuration for the test using the relevant script.
  • Configuration – We use the calibration numbers and consider the business goals to set up the test in BlazeMeter.
  • Co-piloting – The customer executes the test while our experts co-pilot the test and help in any case of an issue or need. There will be an open channel of communication during such events.
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Consulting Sessions

We know you’ve got this, but it’s always nice to know that we have your back. At any point, we can provide:

  • Script reviewing – Our experts will gladly suggest optimizations for your script based on your testing and business requirements
  • Cadence meetings – Provide a supportive environment for the first months of your journey with BlazeMeter
  • Consulting – Performance testing is what we do. We’ll guide you towards which tools you should use and how to leverage them for your testing needs.
  • APM and CI enhancement - We can help with knowledge on APM tools and usage and with automating testing in the CI process

You can purchase pre-paid consulting hours for quick access to our experts at a discounted rate or reach out to us to scope your project and develop a statement of work. We’re flexible.

Performance Testing Training Sessions

If you’re new to the field, or looking to boost your performance testing skills, we will teach you how to use open source JMeter and Taurus to create your load testing scripts, how to scale and run them in BlazeMeter and also the best ways to create them.

Trainings include:

  • Customization – Every customer has unique needs. We tailor the curriculums accordingly.
  • Materials – Some intro materials are provided beforehand. Recordings will be shared after the sessions.
  • Live session – A Professional Services expert will deliver the training session remotely or on-site.
  • Quizzes – Helping the trainees to test themselves after the training session is completed.

“ Working with BlazeMeter has been seamless and incredibly cost effective compared to previous full service testing partners we’ve used. “

Mike C.

IT Service Manager at an Insurance Carrier in Florida


Our ideal performance and load testing partner: BlazeMeter

Industry: Insurance Carrier (Home/Personal Lines)

Location: Florida

We engaged BlazeMeter Professional Services to help us create load to certify our online processing could withstand high loads experienced after a major hurricane. Each year, as part of our Business Continuity Plan we test our systems under extreme loads to ensure we can serve our customers with critically high volume. As a home insurer in Florida, these situations are not a question of “if”, they are a question of “when”.

Working with BlazeMeter has been seamless and incredibly cost effective compared to previous full service testing partners we’ve used. We had BlazeMeter write some sample scenario scripts to meet our most important needs. We provided them with access and clear requirements of what we needed. They took the time to really understand how our site works and then quickly achieved a very high level of data correlation (life-like data conditions) with only a few basic questions after receiving our materials.

During delivery of the scripts, the BlazeMeter staff took the time to walk us through the scripts to understand what we were receiving, and how to leverage it and quickly addressed any concerns we had during initial testing. Following the examples of their clear, self-documenting scripts enabled us to quickly create additional scripts of totally different areas, further reducing our costs and improving the flexibility of our organization.

Now that our various scenarios are loaded into the BlazeMeter online platform, we are able to easily run any test at any time, at any scale, and the task of executing the tests can even be delegated to new users with almost no training.

Thanks BlazeMeter!

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