Product Features

Functional Testing

API & GUI Functional Testing that developers will love. Use our intuitive UI to create API Functional Tests or reuse your existing open-source JMeter & Selenium scripts for API & GUI Functional Testing as part of your CI/CD pipeline and run them together with a load test for full visibility into your front-end user experience. With BlazeMeter you can test your front end for functional correctness, under load in the cloud and on premise, and scale up to 2 million virtual users. Watch it in Action

See What Your Users See - Selenium & Performance Testing

Performance testing tells you what’s happening on the back end, but what about the user experience? By combining Selenium GUI Functional Testing with load and performance testing (e.g. JMeter load testing), you see exactly what your users see, when your site gets heavy traffic. Reporting is designed for team collaboration, so your team can shift left together.

Scriptless Testing Simplifies Test Automation

No more complex scripting languages and manual technical processes to worry about when creating your tests. Simply drag-and-drop predefined test actions to create and modify tests. Reduce maintenance to manage reusable components and objects, and record  & capture test objects on the fly with no configuration needed. Learn to use this feature on BlazeMeter University.

Create One Script for Performance & Functional UI Testing, No Coding Necessary

Save time and maintenance on complex scripting! Now you can easily record a Selenium script directly in your browser with the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension. The same scenario will be recorded both in Selenium & JMeter in a single, synchronized session.

BlazeMeter Chrome Extension JMeter and Selenium in one scenario

Use Your Existing Selenium Scripts - Total Flexibility for Your Team’s Testing Needs

Run all of your existing Selenium Test Suites on BlazeMeter - all you have to do is change a single line of code. With BlazeMeter you can test your front end under load in the cloud, and scale up to 2 million virtual users. See combined reporting and quickly pinpoint problems. With BlazeMeter's SaaS solution, you'll be testing in minutes. 

Functional Testing

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