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API Testing & Monitoring

APIs are the building blocks of modern applications. With 360° API Testing, you can test all your APIs in a single place—before and after production deployment. Then, combine API Monitoring with BlazeMeter's Functional Testing, Performance Testing, and Load Testing to have a 360-degree view of your API's quality and performance in a single place.Watch it in Action

Be the first to know when your API is down or slow

360° API Testing helps teams understand exactly how their API is behaving. Create API tests in minutes and start monitoring your APIs from development to production. Integrate with open-source and 3rd-party tools such as Jenkins, PagerDuty, and Slack, and notify the right team at the right time when API issues arise. Combine API Monitoring with Performance and Load Testing to stress test your APIs, shift-right in your Continuous Testing strategy, and create a complete feedback loop for your API development team. Learn to use this feature on BlazeMeter University.

Validate Data and Complex API Workflows

Verify that your API is returning the correct data with powerful and flexible assertions. Define what a successful API call looks like by checking for specific status codes, HTTP headers, and JSON or XML properties, or by building your own custom validation rules with our built-in JavaScript script engine. Go beyond testing for a successful single API call and create tests for complex workflows by chaining API requests together. Test scenarios that make sense for your application and your users, pass data between requests, or insert dynamic data such as IDs, timestamps, or credentials.

Blazemeter API Monitoring

Solve API Problems as a Team

Test all your APIs in a single place, from development to production, without having to change between multiple tools. Create a functional test, and reuse the same test for Performance Testing, Load Testing, API Testing, and API Monitoring. Create shareable links for your monitors so even people outside your organization can collaborate, without sharing your credentials. Then, integrate with your CI/CD pipeline, such as Jenkins, to automatically run API checks for each new build, or augment your APM data with API details by integrating with CA APM and New Relic.

Blazemeter API Monitoring

Ensure a Great API Experience Around the Globe

Monitor API performance from 19 different locations across the globe. Deliver a great API experience where your users and customers are located. Compare the performance of endpoints and workflows in your dashboard to find potential issues or slowdowns that can happen over time. Combine your API Testing and Performance Testing metrics to narrow down hard to track issues and improve the quality of your applications.

Blazemeter API Monitoring

What is Shift Right Testing?

Create tests and monitor APIs at scale

Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery in a DevOps World